Sexicano In The House

So I spent yesterday with Steve. We did a lot of talking, which albeit had its tense moments was purely to get the tension to go away. We’re in love. And I think I understand his intentions more. He is, however, making far more of a conscious effort not to waste his spare time away twiddling his thumbs. I’ve made it a point for him to call me more often, just so I know what he’s up to, and so I know what he’s up to when he’s not with me. Truth be told, before he could have been cheating on me (which is on the list of highly unlikely things) and I wouldn’t have known it.

I love him. And he is worth the wait. But I need the connection to still be there, otherwise there is just me, and I freak out. I don’t want to be the only one reaching out, and now he knows that. I think a lot of it was just miscommunication. Steve is a bit of a procrastinator and thus things tend to slip his mind all the time. But he always loves me, and I always love him.

We went to see Freddy vs Jason last night. I took him to dinner at Don Diego’s. He’s never had lamb before, so we ordered a rack of lamb and two chicken enchiladas. I wanted to eat up on the balcony, but no such luck. 😦 But it was good. We had a great time, and the movie was awesome. The other Freddy movies got really cheesy (i.e. SUPER FREDDY!!) and the Jason movies started to just suck (i.e. JASON X) but this was very well done. Not excessively scary, but good. It had it’s dose of cliche, but it made me laugh and jump. It was quite good.

I was sad to see Steve go. But I’m sure that now we’ll be spending more time together.

I just found out that:

  • Phil got an interview where I work, I REALLY hope he gets it!

  • Something is going on with Cherry, and now I’m really worried. I hope she’s ok.

    ~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 10/02/2003.

  • One Response to “Sexicano In The House”

    1. Glad you two managed to work things out. I knew that all you two needed to do was talk for a while, even if it wasn’t comfortable… Talking really does solve a lot of things. 🙂

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