Get into the groove you gotta explain it to me…

Sorry. I just saw Madonna on Oprah. She just wrote a new kids book called The English Roses. Whoever said Madonna is going out doesn’t know shit. The problem with kids today is that they have no quality taste in music. 50 Cent is not an artist. He defecates on the name of Music.

Yesterday at work was a bloody nightmare. We were shortstaffed most of the night because Chayenne was told to stay home (his wife is sick) and his shift was never covered. Also, Laurie worked her first night shift. She only worked until 10 but we had to ask her to stick around for an extra hour. She didn’t help me with closing duties at all. It took me an extra ten minutes to close. And speaking of that, I forgot to turn off the chutes… I hope Brenda got them or that Laurie forgot to turn them back on. I hope. I hope.

Anyway, lots of the customers were very upset about the new coffee… the regulars anyway. Our new coffee is stronger and they’re like “It’s too much like starbucks. It’s too much like Tim Horton’s.” I don’t know about you, but I take that as a huge compliment. I am prouder than shit to be selling coffee that good.

I had drive thru as soon as I was on yesterday, it was awful timing because it was right in the middle of the dinner rush… I am amazed I kept it all together. I don’t close for the rest of this week. THANK GOD.


I had the coolest dream that I was out on the town. I had the bitchinest satin black trench coat ever. I am so angry that I was only sleeping. FOOLS! ALL OF YOU FOOLS!



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 09/16/2003.

One Response to “Get into the groove you gotta explain it to me…”

  1. We so need to get you a trench… 😀

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