Hello all…

So the whole working thing is great. I’m loving the paydays. Yesterday I got some stuff I really needed and I few things I didn’t. I bought two new pairs of pants and a tee shirt. Unfortunately the shirt is too small and I have to return it. I am so disappointed. It’s no great loss but I thought it was cute. I couldn’t find a picture of the shirt I got but it’s black and has the Dairy Queen logo on the front, only it says “Drama Queen” I thought it was too cute. Here’s what I bought:

In Vanilla

In Olive Green

I want to get:

Anyway, I also got Cruel Intentions on DVD and the new Jessica Simpson “In This Skin” CD.

I hope Steve gets home soon. 😦 (Lyric added me to her msn. Awww…. *HUG*)



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 09/13/2003.

One Response to “Hello all…”

  1. Yeah… It’ll be great when I get to the point where I get paydays… Oh, well… Soon enough I guess…

    😀 Just try not to spend too much… It’s always good to save some money, just in case

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