I don’t sleep on a bed of bones…

Things are good. Last night at work was pretty good. I closed with Felecia last night, and the store was pretty dead. Had we not taken our sweet time doing things, we could have been out of there by 10:30, 10:40 max. Anyway, Felecia left work at 11:00 and I had to stay until 11:30 while Brenda did the cash. It’s a new rule for us, that when someone closes and does the cash, there has to be at least one other employee present. Nobody is allowed to be alone doing cash anymore (not after the armed robbery at Pizza Hut).

Anyway, so at 11:30 Rachel and Felecia come banging on the windows at work just as we’re leaving. They wanted me to go drive out to Kitimat with them. I did, but Felecia drove. I dropped my car off at home. They were both high, but not me. Felecia was driving in the middle of the road all the way there and back. She was afraid of the wildlife. Basically we drove there, turned around and drove back. How exciting. We had some interesting conversations about religion and ghosts and Sylvia Browne. What, do I just attract the spiritually curious?

Anyway, so today the first thing my Dad said this morning was “You’re not eating anything.” I’m like, fuck. In the last two days, this is what I’ve eaten:

Two salmon sandwiches, three bites of pasta and a cookie. Holy shit. Leave me alone.

Anyway, nothing much else to talk about. Fell off my coffee wagon. I went a week without a sip. Go me.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 09/10/2003.

One Response to “I don’t sleep on a bed of bones…”

  1. *flys across the room and sticks to her like a ball of snot* Gah! Oh… Hey… It’s you… I’ve been meing to ask you a little bit about Wicca…


    Why did he say that you couldn’t eat, anyway? I don’t think that you guys are that hard up for money, are you?

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