Okay, so I finally hit a breaking point with the leagues of space that Steve has put between us lately. He showed up last night at A&W with his mom during the dinner rush and they asked for a 9-piece family dinner. They wanted some pieces unseasoned, so they had to wait an extra 15 minutes while the chicken cooked.

The guys in the kitchen last night were friggin idiots. It took them 45 minutes to get an order out that took 15 minutes to make. I was so pissed. The last thing I wanted was to look like a moron in front of Steve after not seeing him for two weeks. And of course he was picking on me and I was already in a not so wonderful mood. When they finally left (with their entire order, courtesy of me, might I add) I had to take a second break to keep from bursting into tears. I felt like such an idiot.

By the end of the night I felt so much better. Rachel bought me a cookie. Her Mom, Connie and my Dad work together. I’ve never met her Mom, but she’s really nice. She reads the Harry Potter books. She has undue music shame though. She listens to really loud punk music, and in the middle of all her punk music were some hidden trance songs and she was like “change the song! change the song!” It was sad. I wanted to hear them. 🙂

We had some till mess-ups yesterday, but for only having worked four shifts, Shannon has made a transformation on the front counter. I feel so weird saying that since I’ve worked there for such a brief amount of time, but I can recognize it when I see it, and she’s making leaps and bounds.

But anyway, I finally got home (albeit in the worst mood ever) and cried myself to sleep. I feel better now because Steve finally called me (a few days too late) and I got to bitch at him for a little while. He was patient with me though because my bitching was beyond deserved.

I love him anyway. LoL. We’re good now, I just hate being a last priority in an otherwise healthy relationship. As far as I’m concerned, putting your partner on the bottom of your “To Do” List is a thoroughly bad idea. It always blows up in your face, be it your fault or not. You can’t shove people in your life somewhere and expect them to be comfortable with it.

Anyway, I’m running behind. I must go. Enjoy your day babes.



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  1. *hugs tightly* I’m glad that you managed to keep from breaking down in tears at work. That would just not look good for the company, and I’m sure a lot of people would worry more than they’d have to.

    Sounds like that day was just bad all over… At least you know that there are some people who are always there to help when you need it… Even if it is only giving you a cookie 😛

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