So she returns…

Things at work are great. My boss is a little overworked, as he prepares to leave the country and go to China on a Trade Mission. Campbell is a big name in these parts. He owns one of those massive houses on Terrace Mountain. I think it’s the one with the 80 foot christmas tree that you can see in Thornhill during Christmas.

Anyway. I just went from working a week and a half of night shifts to a day shift. That was not good for the internal clock. Fortunately I have tomorrow to get my sleeping pattern in order, and then I have another day shift. I get to work in the Mall on Friday. I was called in to cover Teresa’s shift. I’m working with Felecia. I’ve never worked in the mall before, but apparently, it’s nothing difficult, and likely easier than working on Keith Avenue. That will be a joy.

In other news, today I was promoted… again. I’m off my probation, so now I don’t have to wear my retarded “Bear with me” Trainee pin. Just in time. The last thing I wanted was to wear that stupid pin on a mall shift. Joy. So Steve is leaving in a few days. *tear* He’s going to a wedding. I was invited to go along but I can’t afford to be off work for a week. That’s a $250 trip that I’m supposed to take for free! I have a feeling that Campbell will give me my vacation time after tax time. I’m hoping so, and Steve as well, because we are supposed to go and see My Mommy for a week.

I am seriously overtired right now. I’m probably just melting away too, because I only have time for maybe one meal a day now. I eat a small poutine once every few days, and other than that, like a few pieces of toast in the morning. I’m a beverage person. Coffee fills my stomach most days. I haven’t had protein in a couple of days now. I think that’s a bad thing. (LoL)

Now with my Friday shift my paycheck is upped to about $525. It would be higher but I’m looking at some deductions too. Maybe. It’s something like that.

I can’t wait until the 18th!!! STEVE GETS BACK! And then we’re going to see UNDERWORLD!UNDERWORLD!UNDERWORLD!
I am obsessed with that movie already and I haven’t even seen it. (LOL!)

Also, my parents leave for that entire weekend. (JOYGASM!) I am sooooo happy. Anyway, I don’t have much else to say. I haven’t been doing anything but working…
I need to actually have enough time off to do things with my life other than work. Hahaha…

Anyways, goodnight!



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  1. Geeheehee… Joygasm 😛

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