Long Time…

Well not really. The last few days have been really tiring. By the time I get home I feel like a flappy pancake, just because I’m so worn out. I haven’t seen Steve in a long time. I miss him a lot. The day before yesterday at work, a guy came through the drive-thru and asked for a burger with lettuce and tomato between each patty. He added like two patties to a two patty burger. This thing was huge. They had to mush it down to fit it into the wrapping, and even then it took two sheets of the paper to cover the burger. (lol!)
It looked like one of these bad boys:

Anyway, it was funny. My reply was “NOW IT LOOKS LIKE A MACDONALD’S BURGER!” Speaking of which, I recently read an article where these two boys had eaten a supersized combo at MacDonald’s every day since they were six, and they wanted to sue for making them fat and diabetic. THAT IS SO RETARDED! HOLY FUCK! MacDonald’s DIDN’T make you fat. YOU MADE YOU FAT!

Anyway…. I’m doing my first closing shift on my own tonight. Yayness. I get to close with Terri but she does tills and float, so the bulk of closing will be mine. Yay. I hope I don’t fuck up. My next paycheck is gonna be killer. I’m looking at a good $500. Fortunately, I did all my necessary shopping last payday. I don’t have anything substantial I need to spend money on, so there’s a relief.

Campbell told me I’ll probably be working between 25 and 30 hours a week, which pretty much guarantees a beautiful paycheck. *is glad* STEVE! CALL ME! I NEED TO HEAR YOUR VOICE! I can’t call you right now, I have to get ready for work. 😦
I love you.


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 09/01/2003.

5 Responses to “Long Time…”

  1. If you’re all worn out from work, then maybe it’s a good thing that Steve isn’t there with you… He’d just wear you out more… Nudg nudge, wink wink, ya know wot I mean? 😉

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