Essentially Naked

YAY! It was payday today. I just bought all the shit I’ve been meaning to get out of the way for awhile:

  • 25 CD-R Spindle
  • Bif Naked – Essentially Naked (CD/DVD)
  • Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (DVD)
  • Paid my Columbia House Bill

    I took my car into Honda today. They said they need to flush out my transmission (a $30 job). I’m thoroughly enthralled to know that my car is not nearing the depths of death. Our clubhouse will have to wait.

    I’m saving the rest of my paycheck though (a good %80 or so). Money is a hard thing to hang onto. But hey, I did good. 🙂 I’m glad I finally have all of those expenses out of the way. I’m relieved to not have to worry about paying for this or paying for that. Good credit. Yayness.

    I don’t have anything aside from Gas to worry about until my next paycheck (which will be considerable). I’m anticipating between $400-$500. It’s gonna be a nice one. Maybe only $350, but I doubt it. I’ve been working a lot of 7 hour shifts, and the cutoff is this weekend. Mrrh.

    The next paycheck (and I calculate these things) goes towards:

  • Car paint
  • Gas
  • Two 2for1 night theatre passes
  • Dinner

    I don’t anticipate anything over $60 and then again the carpaint can wait. I need to do it before winter comes though. I have a good 5 months or so to toil.

    I’ve been going back over my comments and something occurred to me. Nothing I whine about is internal. If I’m being an idiot I am well aware of it. These are serious and valid points I’ve made, and never was there a competitive undertone, or any asking for pity, or well wishes. I never said “leave me a comment.” Assuming things can backfire. This started long before my comment about nobody coming to visit me. If nobody can figure out when then perhaps the comments about MY patheticness should completely disappear.

    I didn’t neglect my promises.

    I love the new version of “Spaceman” on the new Bif CD. *EEHEEHEEHEE!* I’m disappointed there was no “Big fat suck-me-offs” on her album. Om shanti. More will come after work. *wink*

    Hehehe, Phil was distracting traffic by blowing bubbles out the window of my car. Heeheehee. *giddy!*



    ~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 08/29/2003.

  • 2 Responses to “Essentially Naked”

    1. Oh, Kassi…

      Please, honey, don’t take this as an attack… but I think it’s time to let any issues you have go. You said many a time that you wanted this big mess over, but you’re the only one who keeps saying things about it. I agreed with Tyra’s comment, but I’m really sick of this issue. Even if you think you just found a new angle to it, think you were hugely wronged, want to “explore it”… let it be and try to move on.


    2. Hello, I was just wondering what was with the avatars of half naked woman?

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