…My car is sick. 😦 I noticed it a few days ago and I mentioned it but my Dad didn’t do anything about it (not that I blame him… I do exaggerate sometimes). But It frightens me to get into my car now. I’m worried it’ll explode underneath me while I’m driving. Its not gearing properly. I have an automatic transmission. Just recently it’s been taking too long to gear up towards 50km… and gearing too fast (at 20km). So between 5km-50km the transmission is in the wrong gear and the engine is working double time to stay at those speeds in first gear. But when it jumps its jumping like 2 gears at once, so it jolts forward really fast. That’s a hazard man.

I talked to a few people:

JAY: Said it might be my oil (no)
SHAWN: Said it might be my transmission oil (no)
HONDA: Said its either my Radiator coolant or my throttle body in my carburetor is dirty (not sure)

So I thought I’d make a tribute to my baby and tell you that its sick. I want to start a memorial. If it dies I’m going to turn it into a club house. 🙂 (lol)


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 08/28/2003.

One Response to “MY BABY!!”

  1. Don’t forget the flowers for the funeral…pretty black roses.

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