I’ve been having strange dreams a lot the last few nights. (It seems to be happening to a few people I know lately…) Some parts I can’t remember, but bits stick out like disturbing bits of information. I won’t bother getting into what they were, I think somehow it would be insanely inappropriate to post them just for my friends sakes. I think my dreams are a huge reflection of how I’ve judged the characters of others. But it hasn’t been a quick judgment, and I promise that none of my dreams involved anyone on my friends list. Okies? Okies.

I was so awfully sick yesterday. I woke up around noon with a splitting headache. The headache was coming and going all day but it pretty much kept me on the couch all day. I hurt to move, or to change my breathing pattern. It wasn’t in the way of a picnic. Anyway, I eventually caved and took an Advil (despite the fact that taking medicine has never relieved my migraines previously) and for about five minutes it made me feel better (long enough to eat dinner, which was SO dumb of me). I eventually got off the couch to do the dishes and I hadn’t even filled the sink when I felt insanely nauseated. I got a drink of water, went outside, took a breather and kept doing the dishes. I had to take continual breaks like this all the way through the dish-washing.

Finally, after the dishes were done I started throwing up (joy) just a little bit. I was praying that was it because throwing up is really painful for me (especially with that brain-splitting migraine). So I sat down and five minutes later I was running to the bathroom again… suffice it to say my stomach was completely empty after not so long. I managed to get down some dry toast and black coffee (yummeeee….) before I went to bed.

I dunno where or how I managed to get sick yesterday. Maybe it was something I ate. I feel fine now. I’m just shrugging it off because it makes no sense to me. (lol) Even the headache has vanished. Hallelujah. Anyway… that’s it. I’ll try and update tomorrow after work (that is, if there’s anything interesting worth mentioning.)



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 08/28/2003.

2 Responses to “Dreams”

  1. Dreams are evil things. The entire time I spent in Wells I dreamt every night. A couple times there were people trying to kill me… once with a freddy kruger glove thing… I dispise dreaming, I don’t sleep worth shit when I dream…

  2. Ahh… That would explain my Kassinessless yesterday… No worries, though. I can understand why you wouldn’t have watned to leave the house… Now let’s all laugh at the irony of that *waits* Good…

    I’ve had some interesting dreams lately, but the ones that I remember to a degree that I could tell people are of a nature that I shouldn’t tell people…

    So who were the ohter people that you said were having weird dreams?

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