Helloooo Again

Thanks Tyra, for the comment. All this is just frustrating. I have been really negative and its one of my less attractive attributes. I get negative when I’m lonely or tired or just plain stressed out. It’s not pretty and I got some of my friends caught in the crossfire. However, afterwards, I did apologize and it kept being blown out of proportion. I AM sorry… for the ONE thing I did… and that’s all I can say.

As for my recent negativity, I have taken the comments left into account and I’m making conscious efforts to focus less on how much bad things bother me, and more on how to fix them. This court case has really been hard and emotional on me, and I’m sure that that goes without saying… so I do apologize profusely.

As for my closing shifts at work… the first wore me out, but it was an hour longer. There were fewer people on yesterday as well, so the night was crazy and hectic, I thought I was going to pass out yesterday. But today was good. Everyone was giving me a superiority complex with the “no, you’re doing good”‘s. It was nuts. I kept having to say “Look, I’m new, I’ve only done this once.” But it was good. I learned the rest of the closing duties and didn’t need instruction on most of them. I’m glad I don’t work mornings so I don’t have to put the ketchup pump back together. ^_^”

Megan came in. I was nervous because she’s a supervisor at DQ, and she works with Steve. I knew she was watching me like a hawk too. 🙂 But I think I did pretty good. I’m friends with Megan. She wasn’t too chatty but then again it was pretty late.

This guy came in earlier this afternoon, and he was complaining that he’d come by a few days ago and his order was done wrong in the drive thru. He said he drives a semi and does freighter runs, and everytime he comes to A&W they fuck up. Turns out his order has only been mixed up twice, the first time was about four months ago. Anyhow, so we called our head supervisor to find out what the deal with this guy was, and she said to call Campbell, or manager. So we called him but he wasn’t home. We took his name and number and we were about to get Head Office’s number and redo BOTH of his orders JUST the way he wanted, FREE… and he decided he was going to leave and get a lawyer instead. We could all smell his Vodka breath, though. That man was totally wasted.

Anyway, I was cleaning the rubber mat by our MugWash station, and I had taken it outside with Brenda. I opened the door and I was so busy watching my hands that I opened the door into my head full force. I have a huge lump there and I almost gave myself a concussion. But it was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing. It really hurt too, but it was just so funny.

I got to see Steve. I was almost worried he wasn’t gonna call me until like an hour before I had to be at work (he procrastinates) but he called me pretty early. I was glad. I got to see him. We walked around town and parused. I’m waiting for Freddy VS Jason and UNDERWORLD!!! to come to town. I’m taking him to see both of them. Steve and I have been waiting for Underworld to come out for like, two months now. We saw the trailer on Apple Trailers. When I saw the trailer on TV I was so excited I wanted to cry.

I also want to see Good Boy, it looks funny. Phil, we stopped by your house today but you weren’t home. Maybe we’ll come visit you… *checks clock…* later today.

Okay… now I’m done. Nite Nite!

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~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 08/27/2003.

2 Responses to “Helloooo Again”

  1. You came over? Humm… If it was around 2-5ish, then I would have been down town with my mom. At any other point, there should have been someone here… Then again, my mom sleeps a lot…

    If you are planning on stopping by today, then I’d suggest that you do it sometime in the afternoon… After 1ish. Otherwise, I’ll most likely be at the library until around the aforementioned time.

    I’ve been spending more and more time there because it’s a nice calm place to go when there’s no places left in town to apply at…

  2. Atleast you know you are just being negative and you know that it isn’t the reality. At one point in my life I thought my negativity to be the reality. Heh.

    Interesting how hurting ones self can sometimes be hilarious. I’ve almost gotten concussion a couple times from being hit in the back of the head by a chair lift. Though that is just a funny thing to be hit by.

    Jason vs Freddy was okay. Its 18A fyi. Tyler and I had to talk out way into it. I really want to see Underworld. If it happens to be playing whenever I got to see Tyler in Oct, I think we’re going to go see it.

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