Fuck You

Well I have officially worked my first day (for all the people who keep telling me I have like sooooo much money… *scoff*) It was pretty good. I’m working with Tina Severeid. We’ve known each-other for years, and its finally great to be friends with her on a non-Melissa basis. We are the first trainees in A&W history ever to operate the tills on the first day worked.

According to Christina, our assistant manager and supervisor, we are pro. I even made coffee. [Insert stupified ooh’s and ahh’s here.] Tina and I were windexing the windows, I had to get the high ones. My height was an ongoing joke today. We worked from 10-2. I work the same shift again on Saturday. Its great, I get a 70% discount off food (except for family meals) and all drinks are free (bottled drinks require a 30% payment). Can we say poutine? I swear, Andrea Harmel, who I work with, bought a two strip chubby chicken combo and paid 30 cents for it.

The tills are easy. Its the notion of kitchen work that intimidates me. I hate when I have to make food fast. I hope I never have to do that. I hope they put the younger people in the kitchen.

As for Eric, you are not my friend. You are an acquaintance. I can speak general words with you without world war three starting. Eric, maybe you are petty enough to not tell people that you don’t want to be around them but I have more faith in my friends. I do realize that they are insanely busy just like I am most of the time. And by the way, I was stuck in the house for four days alone with my parents. And just because you had an abusive father in your life, just one, doesn’t entitle you to give holier than thou advice.

I’m not giving my auto-biography. This is my journal. I get to tell people about my day and my life on it. Its not just about saying “Hey I’m drunk and everyone is pretending to like me.” I’ve had FOUR SETS of abusive parents. If you can count that high, thats 8 people. And it wasn’t just for part of my life. It was for most of it.

I’m not asking for karma pity. I’m saying “Hey guys, I miss ya. Lets grab a coffee sometime and party.” But if you’re too good for me, then fuck off because I don’t have time for petty people like that.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 08/14/2003.

2 Responses to “Fuck You”

  1. Coffee? Gah! Coffee bad! Want people *slaps cableless TV* WANT PEOPLE!!!

  2. tear…

    I know I’m not your friend. I’ve never been your friend, I’ve never *wanted* to be your friend.

    I don’t know what you mean by being petty, I always let people know I don’t like them, as I think I’ve made clear with you many times.

    I gave no advice, I don’t care if you think I’m holier then thou.

    And I’m not some retard, like some people, and I can count. And I really don’t give a fuck about your parent’s and if all of them tied you to a pole and beat you.

    I’m not being petty, I’m just stating the facts.

    And as for the whole “drunk” thing, I have no clue what the hell your talking about, cause I haven’t had a drink since prom. And no one pretends to like me, and if they do, like you may have done… I don’t care cause it’s people like you.

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