I’m back again. This is a rare occasion for me because I’m staying at Barry’s tonight. I was in a hurry to race and see Steve on his break at work. I love him so much. I pretty well told him what I told you and begged for his forgiveness. In his own way he pretty much said that I don’t need forgiveness and that I’m just worrying over something silly. I was praying that that would be his reaction. I’ve never been that nervous around him. I was shaking while he read my letter, and I wanted to cry when he got quiet. But everything’s fine. Everything’s good.

Well, my Dad spent the entire fucking day on the Internet, did I tell you? Well, he has. I was expecting a call from Mr. Campbell today about a job. Our stupid fucking voice mail takes 8 RINGS to kick in. Who in God’s name is gonna wait that long if they don’t know I have VOICE MAIL!?! So now I have to hunt him down to find out if he gave me the job or not. Dammit.

Anyway, the coffee house at Cafenara went well. I think. Sometimes I can’t tell. I did one song and read something from my biography. People were intrigued. Lots of clapping and false beatnik-ness. But I must go. Nothing much else to say. I think I’m gonna go downstairs and watch a movie. Barry’s cat Ouija is giving me flirt eyes. “Fuss me!” But anyway… I must go. Phil, if you read this, I need gas money. Well, I have half a tank. Maybe $10 bucks would help me. Steve is buying me a tank on Tuesday. Merh.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 08/01/2003.

One Response to “Living”

  1. Ironicly… You just left my place with $10 for gas…

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