Heahahehahawhohawheeteee! AHHHEHAHEAUHEAIIIIIYE!

‘Nuff Said

Anyway, I just spent the last two hours or so cleaning my car out. Omigod my Dad is such a slob. He left about a ton of small pebbles on the car interior, a garbage bag of wrappers, Tim Horton’s cups and water bottles on the floor. Old reciepts, lotto tickets, half-eaten food… etc. The car was just FILLED with dirt. The ashtray had never been cleaned out (and my Dad doesn’t smoke…. eeyuck). So anyway, I cleaned it, vacuumed it, wiped everything down, threw out the trash, put some WD-40 on old squeaky joints (coin tray, cup tray, and seat rails), air-freshened it, put some stuff in my trunk (I DON’T HAVE A SPARE TIRE! AAHHHHH! I used to have one. *pout*) and washed it with a pressure washer. (Nice). We used Dawn dish-soap and Jet-Dry wax for the dishwasher on it. (HEEHEEE!)

Anyway, yeah, it looks nice. I need to put some Kassi stuff in it. Like a rear-view dangly or something. COFFEE! Oh, I love that my car is so economic on gas. I LOVE IT! ^_^”

Yeah so today I came into town and I had to take my test at 9:15. I was praying I wouldn’t get Paul. He makes me so damn nervous that guy. He’s quiet and jarring. Its very uncomfortable being around that guy. Anyway, I had my small Tim Horton’s coffee and some Stripped blasting in the background. Angus was my instructor. He’s a nice guy. I was almost shocked that I passed this time, but I’ve been driving for about 6 months. It would be insane if I didn’t pass. I’ve had so much driving experience its insane. Anyway, I was really nervous and at the end of the test I was so ready to just cry.

But I PASSED! I spent a few hours driving around in my Mom’s car with Steve until I had to give her back her car. 😦 Oh well, I have mine. [Insert insane wacky weird person giggle here]. Yeah, so I even passed my Parallel Parking. Insane. I rock.

Anyway, not much else to tell. But… YAY! Bye!



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/23/2003.

2 Responses to “Heahahehahawhohawheeteee! AHHHEHAHEAUHEAIIIIIYE!”

  1. Did angus say anything about the coffee and music?

  2. Congrats!

    Way to go Kassi~!

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