Bawls: A Religion

Okay, so not much is going on. I’ve been applying places like the town is about to be wiped out by a recurrence of the Bubonic Plague. I’ve been out driving a lot. A LOT. If I bought myself over-brewed coffee and a bag of pork rinds I’d feel like a trucker. Any minute now my Dad is gonna pull out a beer bottle and a bottle of Febreze to cover the pee smell. (Kidding).

I’m going in for my n soon. I hope I get it. Anyway, in other more fascinating news, I have been elected to assist in the creation of Terrace’s First Annual Gay Pride Day. In honor of that, and in honor of the upcoming First Gay Marriage in Terrace, here are some buttons we came across to give out on Pride Day.

Okay, and also, I found some awesome Bawls links. Bawls is a Guarana soft drink for computer geeks. Its like Jolt for Computer Nerds. We rule. Anyway, here they are.
Bawls_01 Bawls_02 Bawls_03 Bawls_04 Bawls_05 Bawls_06 Bawls_07

More updates later. Must work on my ADAM of Buffy sites NOW!



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/22/2003.

2 Responses to “Bawls: A Religion”

  1. Gaahaahaa… Adam of Buffy sites… 😀

  2. About time you removed me from your friends list…

    And this is the second year that Terrace has been forced to have a Gay Pride Day.

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