Things have been just uber-boring lately, with the exception of my day-trips into town to spend time with Steve. Other than that I’ve been just moseying around the house wishing I had more to do. I’m still waiting on Jessica to tell me when the coast is clear and I can stay at her house for a few weeks.

Last night my Mom woke me up with the sound of her violent wretching. The woman was coughing like her lungs were hot air ballons. She wonders why she’s not that healthy. *ha!* I finally got all of those Four Star Mary songs. Yay. Dilate is such an awesome song.

My Mom gave me a huge ultimatum this morning. After deciding quite adamantly that she would not pay me for my chores, she declared that she could do them herself if I preferred not to. She also said that I should help out “sometimes.” Now I have to clean the house all the time or I get kicked out. I’m reeeallly starting to hate my parents. In the biggest way.

Anyhoo… blah. Nothing interesting. Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. To top off the dishes thing (which isn’t really that huge) she wants me to pay her $5 every time I ask to go into town. I am soooo serious. I am getting my license and getting out. Argh. ARGH.

Anyway… went to the Women’s Center. Saw Kelly. I’m getting my own Business Cards. Yayness. I made them. They look cool. But anyway, I’ve gotta go. I’m actually doing something INTERESTING right now.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/08/2003.

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