Happy Happy Happy… Hahahaha….

Hey all. Not doing much lately. I’ve been out with Steve a lot. We got into an argument, which at face value was really silly and totally pointless, but when you think about it in some ways I’m glad we got it out. We’re both feeling parental strain that we haven’t been talking about. But its in the open now and I feel like we’re standing on some sort of common ground. Still I hate that we argued. It was brutal. He’s not angry but I’m still trying to forgive myself for fighting about something so dumb. I love him so much. But like I said it was just a blip, nothing major. Everyone seems to be feeling the post-grad depression. Its cranking down hard. I’m trying not to let the agony hold me still. I’ve taken a few days off to just recuperate. Things are about to happen in a big way. Anyway, its late, I’m tired… here’s a survey.

Steve, I love you, I miss you, please call. Jessica, WHEN IN THE HELL ARE YOUR PARENTS LEAVING?! I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE! ARGH! Luvs.

1// Name Kassondra Michelle Thomsen
2// Nicknames Kassi, Kass, K, B…
3// Birthday May 28, 1985
4// Hometown White Rock, BC
5// Place Of Birth Surrey, BC
6// Family (Sisters): Katrina & Victoria, (Brother): Jordan, (Dad): Leif, (Mom): Sherryl & (Cat): Velcro
7// Fave Relative My Mom
8// Least Fave Relative My Grandparents
9// Is the #13 Unlucky/Lucky? Friday the 13th rules
10// What Time Did You Go To Bed Last Night? 12am
11// What Did You Do Yesterday? Went around town with Steve all day
12//What Did You Do Today? Cleaned up, taped movies, lifted wheights
13// Fave Place To Eat Three Faves: 1)Wings 2)Hot House 3)The Old Spaghetti Factory
14// Fave Food Italian and Mexican
15// Fave Drink Pepsi
16// Fave Number 7
17// Do You Drink? No
18// Do You Drive? Yes
19// If So, What Kind Of Car? Blue Nissan Sentra or White Honda Civic
20// Did You Dye/Highlight/Lighten Your Hair In The Last Few Years? Yes
21// What Are You Wearing In Your School Pic Jeans and a blue peasant tank top
22// Best Thing You Ever Did? Being the first to graduate… Pressing charges against a certain someone… Forgiving my Mom
23// Fave Radio Station Z-95.3 Vancouver
24// Fave TV Show Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Charmed, Roswell
25// Fave Room In Your House My bedroom
26// Fave Season Summer
27// Do You Have A Scanner? Yes
28// What Kind Of Computer Do You Have? Daytek Compaq Presario 5050 PC
29// Do You Have A Mic? Yes
30// Do You Have ICQ? No
31// Are You Wearing Nailpolish? On my toes
32// What Color? Purple
33// For Each Word, Write What Comes To Mind:

  • Chocolate Lindt Truffles
  • Spice Habanero
  • Taco Chihuahua
  • Pretty Roses (Steve…)
  • Hot Hawaii
  • Cold Here
  • Lemon Salt
  • Coolatta Someone can’t spell Colada
  • Pink Lollipops
  • E-mail Spam
  • Hacker Crash Override, Zero Cool, Acid Burn, Angelina Jolie
  • Ocean Surfing with Felicia & Sheila (We are the triple threat)
  • Sun Sand
    34// For Each Name, Write Down What You Think Of:

  • Bob The Builder
  • Rose Steve
  • Justin Shultz
  • Delilah The Faculty
  • Ricky Martin
  • Jenna Chris’ Porn Obsession
  • Joe Stupid-ass Marie
  • Jamie Dairy Queen
  • Ron Baldy
  • Tabitha Bewitched
  • Mark Tide
  • Britney Crash and Burn
  • Anthony Music For Elevators
  • Christina Heslenfeld
  • Brian Welch Blinded by the light… and the hostage bear
  • Maria Santana’s annoying song
  • John My bro’s deadbeat Dad
  • Katie Bus
  • Tiffany Mall shows
  • Shawn Clement
  • Megan Roach
  • Tammy Therrien
  • Bobby The Hot Chick
  • Tim Wall
    35// Last time you:

  • Spoke Ten minutes ago
  • Showered This morning
  • Ate Four hours ago
  • Cried Yesterday
  • Kissed Yesterday
  • Laughed Today
  • Wrote An hour ago
  • Typed Now
  • Studied Few weeks ago
  • Drank Few months ago
  • Fought Yesterday
  • Ran I don’t run
  • Walked Today
  • Hiked Yesterday
  • Coughed Last weekend
  • Rode A Bike Few years
  • Rollerskated/Bladed Long time. No paved roads
  • Iceskated Winter
  • Bought Something Yesterday
  • Were Sick Few months ago

  • Forwards / Chain Letters Forwards
  • White / Black Black
  • Strawberry / Lemon Strawberry
  • Chicken / Turkey Chicken
  • Red / Pink Red
  • Soda / Pop Pop
  • Blonds / Brunettes Brunettes
  • Make-up / No Make-up Depends
  • Straight / Curly Curly
  • Summer / Winter Summer
  • Spring / Fall Spring
  • Christmas / Easter Christmas
  • Valentines Day / St Patrick’s Day Valentines (I have the greatest bf…)
  • Pretty / Beautiful Beautiful
  • Hot / Sexy Sexy
  • Tall / Short Tall
  • Long / Quick Long
  • Chocolate / Vanilla Chocolate
  • Private / Public School Public
  • Religious / Spiritual Spiritual
  • Half Empty / Half-Full Half Full
  • TV / Radio TV
  • Walk / Run Walk
  • Drive / Walk Depends
  • Crowded / Empty Depends
  • Lefty / Righty Righty
    37// Best Friends Steve, Tyler, Phil, Meggz, Brandon
    38// What Did You Do On New Years? Went to party @ Chris’
    39// Fave Car Silver Porsche Boxter Z2002
    40// Fave Shampoo Herbal Essences
    41// Fave Colors Blue, Purple and Red
    42// Any Last Words “Fire Bad, Tree Pretty” and “That’ll put marzipan in your pie plate, Bingo!”
    43/ Fave Place To Shop Surrey Place, Surrey Central, Guildford Mall

    Happy Deathday!
    Your name: chupachica
    You will die on: Sunday, March 2, 2031
    You will die of: Blood Clot
    Created by Quill



    ~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/06/2003.

  • 2 Responses to “Happy Happy Happy… Hahahaha….”

    1. I couldn’t imagine you and Steve arguing. The
      concept is foreign to me, and probably everyone
      else on LJ. I guess I would have to see it to
      believe it. Both ways, I’m glad you’ve sorted the
      issue out and it is behind you now.

    2. *winces* Fighting bad, but… *scratches neck nervously* I saw it coming… After that one time walking with you two to Mohawk, I knew that it would happen at some point.
      *hugs* I’m glad that it wasn’t anything too bad though.

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