I am in the worst mood God could have ever concocted. I swear to God, today if the wrong person touches me I am going to fucking kill them. If anyone even LOOKS at me the wrong way I swear to God they’ll lose an appendage. Everything sucks. I was in such a good mood yesterday, and then I called Steve so that I could see how he was enjoying his game. When I called, he was out driving. Of course, I never get to do that anymore because my Mom is a magnaniums BITCH! Figured out why she stopped drinking: she couldn’t fucking afford it. Guess who’s paying for her nasty habit now? Dad. Fuck, for a second there I was thinking maybe I’d pay that $15 that the school wants me to pay for a second time, but I think I’ll make her do it so that she can’t buy any booze. That’s bullshit.

So anyway, Steve’s Mom answered the phone and she was really quiet. It sounded like she’d just woken up, but I guess not. I wish I’d never called. She fired me from Irly Bird. It’s not because I did anything wrong, its because they hired too many people and they couldn’t afford the salary expenses. I fucking hate working in this pathetic ass of a town. This is the shittiest place in the world to work. I’ve had to work for the biggest assholes ever to grace the cover of Tyrant of the Month Magazine, and I never complained. I did my job like I was kissing the ass of the world’s best car, and I didn’t complain. I was never late and I worked until I thought I’d go bald. And I have SHIT to show for it. FUCK THE WORLD. THE WORLD FUCKING SUCKS.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 06/10/2003.

4 Responses to “FUCK EVERYBODY”

    I hear ya kassi, this town licks the left nut of an old donkey who has herpes.

  2. Kassi, cheer up! You’re better than Steven’s mother and the pricks at Early Bird. I’ve never had a real job in Terrace and don’t plan on getting one here because of all the fucking assholes.

  3. I know what you are saying about the job thing. Odd are I will never get a job here because I look different and fuck them if they expect me to take out my peircings to appease the world.

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