Break It Down, Uno by Uno

Hey all,
Today was good. I enjoyed today. Phil is still dealing, but what can we expect. He just needs time.

Today I bought Steven Enter The Matrix for PC. The jeweler messed up his Claddagh ring so I had to get him something to replace the awful mess they made of his gift. Argh. But he really wanted the game, so I got it for him. As long as he likes it I’m not disappointed. I just really wanted to get him something different. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

I bought Boomkat‘s new album: Boomkatalog.One. It’s very very eighties rock, but I like it. Taryn and Kellin are good together, like Britney Spears and Daniel Beddingfield singing Blondie music. It makes sense, they are brother and sister. I like Crazylove, but there’s a great song called Daydreamin’. The album isn’t amazing, since there’s nothing really deep on it. It’s nice floppy pink inflatable music. It has coaster potential.


Crazy how time flies by so fast
We must all remember to enjoy the ride
Before it’s too late once you crash
Life’s gone in a flash
Looking back through the years
Photographs and scrapbooks held dear
Rollerskates, sleeping bags
First bike, 12 stitches to match
I pick myself back up again

Daydreamin’s the way to visit the past
Those spaces and times
That we’d all hope would forever last
Don’t lose who you are
‘Cause that’s who you are

Lazy days, summer nights, I crave
Just to be alone again
In my head, where it’s safe to play
No bills to be paid
I remember braces, ice-cream night
Amazing how much we used to fight
Road trips, fancy place, being a kid
Yeah those were the days
But life goes on and I’m on my way


Don’t lose who you are (x3)

‘Cause that’s who you are, my friend
And that’s how it is
Just remember who you are, my friend
And that’s how it is

I’ve been bribed into doing chores for free. FUCKING PARENTS! FUCK YOU ALL!


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 06/09/2003.

One Response to “Break It Down, Uno by Uno”

  1. Heehee… her hair is so 80’s 😛

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