Behind These Eyes Are My Mother’s Daughter’s

Well, things are better. I’m not worried about “her” anymore. I don’t even want to say her name for fear of re-hashing old emotions. Strange thing is, that name is stiking fear in NO-ONE’s heart. Trish from Victim’s Assistance keeps calling me. I think she feels pride for what I’ve chosen for myself. Strange thing is when she talks to me I feel like she’s saying everything my Mom wants to say but just can’t. Its been hard for us.

Katrina has cut me off. I’m very hurt, and I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve it. Mom said she’s just discovered her adulthood and she wants to be independent. Independence does not entail the disowning of someone important to you. She and I have always been close. I think she resents me for some reason. I try not to feel that way, but thats just the way it is.

Phil and I are becoming really great friends. I like breaking social boundaries. Dispite the things I know about him, I don’t care. They’re not compromising to me, they’re just personal. I can’t judge someone for enjoying the same things I enjoy, even if its under different circumstances. Megan and I are also bonding. Its strange. Out of all of the odd, scary people Steve works with, I find a home in her personality. She’s very accepting. We may be weird but she loves us anyway. Even though she’s far more commonsensical about her life, she reminds me so very much of Anya. She just has a world more tact than Emma plays it.

I’ve streaked my hair. The aim was a platinum blond, but I guess my hair is not that penetrable. It turned a kind of blond-gold color. I’m just glad it wasn’t orange, or brassy. Its not exactly what I wanted, but its cool. I was so scared that Steve wouldn’t like it. This morning I was ready to just shave it all off. Shalane likes it though. Shalane is odd. But she dyes her hair a lot, so I suppose she’s a good reference for hair.

Tyler, cheer up. No one deserves to be that sad. We all have bad childhoods, but look at you now. You’re a great person, and if your mom is too, whateverthefucksheis, to accept the expenses of having a kid then she should have kept her damn knees together. I have the same arguments with my parents. But hey, if she’s being that bitchy, get a job and move out. Its the one thing parents regret having driven their children to do the most. Besides, Steve, Phil and I need another roommate. But we need someone FINANCIALLY STABLE. Good luck, Spike. Cheer up.

Phil! FIRE BAD! TREEEEE PRETTY! (That’ll put marzipan in your pie plate bingo).



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 06/05/2003.

3 Responses to “Behind These Eyes Are My Mother’s Daughter’s”

  1. It’s fun, like lolly-pops at a carnival… 😛

    “Dispite the things I know about him…” Just a little disconcerting.

  2. Thanks for the vow of confidence. About dying hair you could always refer to my Meggz. She’s dyed her hair over 30 times since she was in grade 7.

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