“You guys, we made it.”
“Yeah, that was one hell of a battle.”
“No– not the battle– Highschool.”

Today we did our practice Grad ceremony. I don’t think people have realized that this is it: school is over. In 8 days, we will never have to come here ever again for the rest of our lives. Granted, that also means that we won’t see much of each-other anymore. i don’t feel rewarded. This is just a relief, a goodbye. It’s over. Its hard to deal with just because this has been my life thus far. School. But then I think that those times will be replaced by work, and by newer, more vibrant, more weathered people. I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for in life, but I know what I want. I’ll find a way to get there.

This last year has changed me, more than I think I ever believed it could. The way I see my life and the people in it has changed. The way I see myself has changed. I won’t be lost after highschool, wondering where the direction and the dependibility went. I’m prepared. I’m ready.

I didn’t want to give Steve a reason to be upset with me. I don’t think he understands the problems that I’ve had with Allie MacDonald. It hasn’t been a jealousy issue for ages. At first perhaps I was worried that there might be something there, but I don’t worry about that at all now. There is nothing but trust and love with Steve and I, at least in my heart. I wish people could grant the same level of respect that I afford them. I feel duped quite often. The thing is, Steve is the single person in the world I trust most, and he is the one thing I can’t afford the risk of losing. I love him too much for that to happen.

Its not that I think it will, but the idea is being placed there. Allie hits on him a lot, and I would never care if I knew her and understood her unfathomable ways. I just don’t appreciate that she cares about me so little, and in doing so has very little respect for Steve. I hope you understood that. Anyhow, the bell has rung for 4th period, so here I go. ‘Ta.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 06/03/2003.

One Response to “Graduation”

  1. Again, I wonder, Have you asked Steve to tell her to back off?

    It’s not like it is something that you have to do, but it might help with getting her to stop hitting on him.

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