YAY! *throws a party*

Okay, so listen up because this is so important:

I got another job. After those assholes at Copperside Foods laid me off (and btw thank god) I got a job at Irly Bird. I love it there! I mean, okay an eight hour shift can be pretty long, but you know, things are fast paced there, there is a lot of dusting involved. I just love the people there. Mona (my second mom) is awesome. She’s a very cool lady. Debbie is a pleasure to work with, even though everyone else is kinda annoyed by her, I really enjoy her company. The two Sean’s are kinda quiet around the girls, but that’s okay. I know Sean Barg. As for Chris (the big cheese) he’s crazy. He’s kinda like one of those mob bosses only friendlier.

Man it is so dirty in that store. Eeeyuck. I dusted off some of the shelves and I had to scoop the dust into what I like to call “mini-dunes.” But I’m getting 13 hours a week at 8 bucks an hour, so congrats to me. I hope to get that job at DQ too, because I need the money first, but secondly the people there are great.

Things have been so hard for me lately and I am starting to see an incline. It’s great to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel (figuratively speaking). Me and my Dad are finally talking again. People have been really rude to him, but he thinks its “un-butch” of him to let me fight his battles. He’s my Dad. I love him. I’d fight off an army of menopausal bitches for him.

Anyway, I don’t have much else to say. I’m riding this wave as far as it goes, and I’ll keep you all posted. Love ya! *wink flick fondle fondle* [Insert evil grin here]. I wish Steve were here.


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/04/2003.

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