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Hey everyone who never talks to me anymore


I’ve been pretty emotional lately. I feel kinda invisible to most of my friends (not that I feel like I need to be the center of the world). Just lately, and I know how stupid this sounds, people have become to self-involved in their happinesses (which is great and all) to notice their friends anymore. It’s a shame. All of my other friends are sad because they don’t have anything to hold onto. I feel like that sometimes. I feel like the world is spinning so fast that I am virtually helpless to stop it. I feel brought to my knees.

It sucks. I hate to think that friendship is tied by such a delicate and breakable strand. I hate to think that after all of our years of “nothing can split us up” we’ve all found our own roads to take. It’s blissfully sad.

You are blue. You are somewhat innocent, in the fact that your genius only extends to the physical world. You have a false sense of contentness. You are usually the quiet one, the genius. Everyone can count on you to help when they have problems, but you only fall short of being able to solve your own.

What inner color are you?

<font SIZE= "-1"Quiz by Shirono

My personality is rated 33.What is yours?

\\8 Songs That Get Stuck In My Head Frequently//
Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River
2// Bif Naked – Lucky
3// Hole – Violets
4// Hoobastank – Crawling In The Dark
5// Switchfoot – Dare You To Move
6// TRUSTcompany – Figure 8
7// Amber Benson – Under Your Spell
8// Linkin Park – With You

\\5 Beverages I Drink Frequently//
2// Water
3// Coffee
4// Coke
5// Mochaccino

\\4 TV Shows I Liked When I Was A Little Kid//
Samurai Pizza Cats
2// Rainbow Brite
3// Gummi Bears
4// Jay Leno

\\4 Places I Go In My Area//
The Caff
2// Cafenara
3// Copperside

\\4 Things I Do When I’m Bored//
Surf the net and chat
2// Sing and Dance
3// Make websites
4// Watch TV

\\5 Things That Never Fail To Cheer Me Up//
2// My cat, Velcro
3// Candles
4// Movies

\\6 Things I Can’t Live Without//
2// Music
3// Love
4// Freedom
5// Knowledge

\\About 10 Years Ago… (A List Of 3)//
I thought opera was so cool.
2// I was best friends with Sheila.
3// I was skinnier.

\\About 2 Years Ago… (A List Of 5)//
2// I wanted to be the next Britney Spears.
3// I was heartbroken.
4// I was supposed to move to Vancouver.
5// My cousin moved away.

\\About 1 Year Ago… (A List Of 5)//
I was 16.
2// I had a crush on STEVE.
3// I was in Grade 11.
4// I was not this happy.
5// I still wanted to be the next Britney Spears.

I am bored.
2// I will see STEVE!
3// I want to be the next Bif Naked
4// I am alive.
5// I feel frumpy.
6// I am not supposed to be here.

\\8 Things I Love//
2// Music (Playing, Writing, Watching, Listening…)
3// Close friends.
4// Guitars
5// Myself
6// Freedom
7// The Internet
8// STEVE!

\\7 Things I Dislike//
2// Perverts.
3// Idiots.
4// Liver.
5// First Impressions.
6// Haters.
7// Boundaries.

\\7 Things On My Desk//
1// 591mL of Sprite.
2// 591mL of Coca-Cola.
3// CDProjects 24 CD case.
4// 2 Computers.
5// Course Change Sheet.
6// Paint
7// Germs

\\8 Facts About Me//
I am in love with STEVE!
2// I want to change the world.
3// I want to be a rock star.
4// I am unconditional.
5// I am comfortable with my heterosexual sexuality.
6// I don’t have many close family members.
7// I am mexican-american.
8// I live to express.

\\7 Artists/Bands People Should Listen To//
Dashboard Confessional
2// TRUSTcompany
3// Cibo Matto
4// Switchfoot
5// Four Star Mary
6// Far
7// Republica

\\9 Things I Know About The Opposite/Same Sex//
Boys do not constantly have sex on the brain.
2// Girls change moods quickly just to pick on you.
3// Boys really DO care what you think.
4// Girls are bitchy just to laugh at you (because it’s funny).
5// Boys are under a lot of peer pressure.
6// Girls are impressionable.
7// Boys and Girls give in to prejudices.
8// Boys and Girls give in to stereotypes.
9// Boys and Girls are from the same planet. Get over it.

\\4 Things I Would Eat On The Last Day Of My Life//
2// Burritos, Frujillos and Enchiladas
3// Chocolate
4// Calamari

\\4 Records From My Collection That I Will Never Get Tired Of//
Bif Naked – Purge
2// TRUSTcompany – The Lonely Position Of Neutral
3// Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Once More With Feeling
4// Bif Naked – 5 Songs And A Poem

\\4 Vacations I Have Taken//
2// Los Angeles
3// West Edmonton

\\4 Things I’d Like To Learn//
2// The secrets of the world.
3// How to hear what everone is thinking.
4// To be a better person.


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