This thank you letter is supposed to go into my Demo when it is finally finished… so here is what I have. It is an ever-changing project, but anyway, here goes:

Thank You’s

Instead of a lengthy, inaudible, repetitive thank you letter (which has become such an insincere cliche) I am going to use this space to give a life lesson or two. Just so that no-one feels contempt for me, Thank you to everyone who had a hand in the creation and completion of my brain-child. You know who you are, I know who you are. Besides, just knowing at least one person is psyched to be reading this (or should be) is thanks enough for us all.

(1) To all the people out there who say PDA’s are against their morals or religion or some other bullshit of similar context: FUCK YOU. Who the hell do you think you are? Get a life. Get a boyfriend or a girlfriend or just plain SHUT UP. To those who merely see a PDA and want to reach for the Ben and Jerry’s, chill out. It will happen, love takes time and waiting 100 years would be worth it.

(2) Love is the best thing in the world. It is everything. Promote it, dispute it. DO NOT HIDE IT! Be affectionate, kiss until the cows come home but please no groping when I can see it. (You can grope behind my back all you like).

(3) To the people who think scantily clad women are sluts, FUCK YOU. Sexuality is what you embrace. It is a carnal instinct that is perfectly harmless. (I will reiterate that WOMEN can be sexy. You 11, 12, 13 and 14 year old girls need to put some clothes on. SHAME ON YOUR MOM!) And it is beautifully natural.

(4) Skin is beautiful. If I walk outside in a bikini and short-shorts it doesn’t mean I am servicing anyone’s sexual needs. If I show up at a strip club in a trench coat and a thong, it does not mean I’m a whore.

(5) Be monogamous! Promiscuity is the deconstruction of morality.

(6) De gustibus non est disputandum! (Matters of taste are not to be argued!) What we like or dislike is up to us. Stop being such a lame-ass control freak.

(7) Stop being such an anal-retentive tight-ass! Don’t be so PC! Grow up! Get a life! We’ve ALL heard of sex, get over it! You aren’t protecting ANYTHING!

(8) Be nice to everyone. Gain perspective. Respect those assholes, dorks, dumbasses, teachers, parents, tight-asses, jocks, nerds and other clique members. They’ll remember you when you’re old and decrepit. You’ll be less likely to die alone and rot for months before the mailman discovers your body after getting miffed that your mailbox is full if you just BE NICE.

(9) Flaunt it! If you can loop a noodle through your nose, show it off! If you can burp Beethoven’s 9th, show it off! If you are fluent in klingon, show it off! If you are alive, show it off! Life is too short to be shy!

Okay, now that I’ve thrown out some philosophies, I’d like to move on by giving a big shout out to Mawm and Dad (who always made me feel inadequate) I love you but I cannot be a barrier between you.

To Mommy, Sissies and my Bruddah, Iluveeyah! Ailuvayoomatooba! Yooluvameemateeba? How could a group so totally twisted be so damn close? IT HAPPENS! To my family and friends, you are my ground, my rock, my everything. Even thru our hard times that can never change.

And finally, to my sweet Steve, I love you so much. You opened my eyes to more beauty than I ever thought I’d know. MARRY ME! Be my husband. (pweese?)

Last but not in the least, I would like to thank God… however not everyone reading this believes in God or even religion. If its illegal to push religion on people or advocate it, then I will abide by the rules. Thank you everyone out there reading this. You are miracle.


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 12/02/2002.

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