First Day Of Work, Bubbala!

‘Lo. Tired. Very very tired. Today was kinda a breeze at school, we all had fun. Twas good. It was the working that got me. I almost fell asleep on the sales bin. I spent most of the time making a few sales and folding clothes. I sold:

-2 pairs of shoes
-1 pair of bitch boots
-1 t-shirt
-2 pairs of pants

I spent the bulk of my four hours folding the clothes in the bins and having the shit messed out of them again. Matt found a condom in the 50% off bin. (Hawhaw!) Our uniforms smell like turpentine. Yechh. Andrea came by drinking her coffee all “You work here? Cool naw just TORTURING YOU! Blahblahladdeeedah…” no, kidding. She was nice, I’m just tired. The chick who bought the bitch boots was cool.

Anyway, after work I bought a bottle of pepsi and a brownie. I officially need to get laid.


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 11/29/2002.

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