Okay, first off I would like to make a statement about how dancing does not license a girl to dress like Lil’ Kim on an EXTREME WHORE BINGE! Second of all I had a great time. The only suggestion to all who go to these functions is bring some bloody earplugs. I nearly went deaf last night, which would have just ruined my existence.

Also, they actually PLAYED my request (Heaven by DJSammy) but Steve’s didn’t go thru, which was retarded. They replayed about 10 of the songs already played. Stupid MoFo’s. I got a whistle though, from Oh Henry! Yay. Go me. We whistled all night. Steve hurt my ears, I hurt his, it was all grand.

We played some Resident Evil: Code Veronica at Amanda’s earlier…. *coff*
Speaking of which, I borrowed Resident Evil on DVD off of her. YAY! I hurt all over. My arms, my legs, my brain. Owwwwww. I slept in until noon. Go me. Anyway… gonna go. I am so hungry. Love y’all!

(Tyra, you looked awesome! Jess! Lovely as always!)

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~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 11/22/2002.

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