New look for a new day. I’m tired of being so sweet and star-crossed, so I decided to let a little bit of my repressed rage and sexed attitude to leak out and shine brighter than the sun’s rays off a cherry red camaro. Okay, perhaps not the best analogy, but yet I find myself increasingly intrigued.

In 9 hours I will be going with Steve to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. My Mom scored us some free tickets to the premiere from work. You may or may not find this dorky, but I am a huge Harry Potter fan. (I would have just said “Harry Fan” but I’m not hairy, and not putting myself in the line of fire… thanx).

I almost freaked at Michelle today. The girl will NOT leave me ALONE! IT DRIVES ME ABSOLUTELY GODDAMN FRIKKIN KRAYZEE! Michelle is this weird chick with wiry red hair and a face full of freckles. She can stretch her smile nearly literally from ear to ear, and she has the eyes of a mad scientist. So she smiles and you want to scream “PLEASE DON’T PROBE ME!” She eats four chocolate bars a day usually followed by a bottle of Coca-Cola or a box of smarties, and yet claims to be a sensitive diabetic. Bullshit.

I felt really great today. I was tired and shitty feeling all the way to Writing. But after that it was all good. I hadn’t seen Steve all day long and it was starting to eat away at the fleshy part of my mind. I ran into him in the parking lot and the first thing he says to me is “Damn you look sexy.” I seriously needed that too. Made me feel wanted. I don’t know, Steve and I have been kinda out-of-touch lately. We hugged and cuddled still, but we didn’t kiss much (cuz he got his wisdoms out and it was painful to move his mouth much) and there was a lot going on for both of us just bogging us down. Its going away though. **MIRACLE!**

He’s considering asking if I can move in with him. That is just huge to me. I can’t believe I have someone in my life who cares about me that much. I never dreamed it could be this way. Don’t hate God… he brings wonderful things to you if you just pass the test of patience.

I FINALLY *CHEERS* GOT WORKING ON MY TERM-PAPER! It’s for English. I had mountains of research information and no idea on what to apply it to. I wanted to do something to do with Stephen King, but I had no idea what that thing would be. I nearly opted out of the whole thing to do an in-depth book review of “Bag Of Bones” but then I realized… a term-paper that takes a glance at the man behind the words! PERFECT!

So my report is called:

Stephen King : The Dreamer
An In-Depth Look Into The Man Behind The Plume

Wish me luck on that one. I also started my Historical Fiction for Writing. I chose to do mine on the murder of Selena Quintanilla-Perez by the hand of Yolanda Saldivar. I’m writing it from Selena’s Husband: Chris Perez’s point of view. So far I have had nothing but good praises for what I’ve written on it.

Anyway… even the insomniacs, poets, writers, artists, models, dreamers and musicians of the world need their sleep (and I think of myself as a fancy cocktail made of all those things) so I will go now, and leave you with this simple piece of wisdom:

“Don’t eat the grapefruit.” -Britt McLeod



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