The girl at the Rock Show

Well, actually… the punk show. Yesterday was so great… you just have no idea. Mona and I had set up a surprise for Steve as a congrats for grad and getting a job… it was excellent. He had absolutely no idea. I had to go in and get my Depo injection (which actually doesn’t much hurt.) I withstood it better this time. Last time I got it I nearly passed out… but this time I just limped a bit. After that I went to Dairy Queen and got myself something cold and sweet to drink… I got to see Steve, since he wasn’t off work yet.

He had no idea.

After leaving DQ, I walked straight to his house and helped Cynthia clean up for a little while before Mona got back with Steve. It was so awesome. He was a little suspicious before, but with me there he totally clued in. We had dinner and dessert (pasta and cake) and Steve got a CD from me, and three packs of heavy guitar strings from his family… apperently he really needed them too.

After that we headed out to the punk show. We made a quick stop off at Tyler’s and picked him up first and we walked there. We were about 15 minutes late, they’d already started playing, and half the people there were already drunk. Fableway was playing (i think) and we watched the mosh pit. Kyle and Natasha were already there. It was hella funny. I so didn’t know that Kyle and Nata were together, but it was great. We eventually left to 7-11 for a minute and dumbass Kyle left b/c he thought we’d gone. We bought a can of silly string and sprayed it at the mosh pit for a little while.

Eventually Steve gave the can to Shane (who was totally high). When he got the can he started shaking and his eyes just perked open and he sprayed the moshpit. All you could see was yards of string flying in all directions… funny. Then he tried to spray some girl and only air came out. He looked so crushed. 🙂 [Insert comedic drum roll here].

Anyway, we eventually left… it was all great. I had an excellent time… wait until I tell you about today. *wink* [Insert naughty grin here].




~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 10/26/2002.

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