Pimp Style

I got my hat today. It has a lace rim that I’m going to remove. Steve and I are both getting creative with our costumes. He’s going as Jester from Slipknot… scary. I had a great day. Wow was it ever incredible. I went into town with one intention: To get my hat and go. Well, I got my hat and then I called Steve. He said that his Mom said it was okay if I went over for a bit… because they were having company over later. Well, I went over at about 1:00pm and left at 6:30pm. It was great. I bought his Dad some TimBits. It was great, because I was supposed to leave at 6:00, but as is so predictable, my Mom was late– in fact she was twice as late as she usually is. Dan and Mona were awesome, they let me stay for dinner. I felt bad that I couldn’t stay, and I felt even worse that I stayed so long.

Steve told me to forget something at his house… and I unintentionally did: my planner for school. My life is so great. Oh man, and when I brought up looking for a house with Mona, she actually didn’t look at me like I was neurotic when she asked for clarification on if it was for both Steve and I. I love him and his family. I feel like I belong there– which is a vast improvement compared to here. I never feel like I belong here.

Prospective Baby Names (don’t laugh and don’t steal ’em!)

  • Rayne (Boy)
  • Gabriel )(Boy)
  • Tristen (Boy)
  • Skyla (Girl)
  • Maori (Girl)



    ~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 10/19/2002.

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