Losing hope.

As time goes on, I feel as though there is no hope. Maybe I should just give up trying. The downfall of my existence was inevitable anyhow. I can see myself… this little bag lady who lives in a tent. Hehehe. Why won’t anyone hire me? This is a life and death situation people. WHAT THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT?!?!

I’m sick of hearing this, “we’ve filled the position”, “we’ll call you next week” bullshit. Why don’t you people just call me back and tell me I have the life expectancy of a goddamn slug? I’m never gonna get a job. I’m not good enough. I should know by now that I’m just not good enough. People, I am so desperate. Give me a break. Give me a job just so I’ll shut up and go away PLEASE. *crying*

Okay, I am going to go to sleep, and perhaps have a dream where there it is better than my reality. Maybe in my dreams I will have parents who love me, and a place to go home to, and a job. Maybe I won’t be living a life where I am doomed to be like that epileptic guy who splatters all his coffee out of his paper cup before it reaches his lips.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 10/09/2002.

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