Your Heart Number is: 1
You’re liable to be strong, daring and independent and will expect others to follow your lead. You’ll seek to chart your own course in life and won’t need a lot of help from other people.

Your Personality Number is: 6
Makes you appear to be a rather caring and compassionate individual. Trustworthy and dependable, others may seek you out for guidance or support, and responsibilities probably have a way of finding you.

Your Image Number is 7
Makes you appear to be a bit removed from daily reality. You could be something of a loner, and your head may be in the clouds much of the time as you ponder some of the deeper issues in life.

MAY 28, 1985

Your Life-Path Number is: 2
You may appear to be shy and sensitive, and your primary desire is probably to help other people. You tend to be very sympathetic and diplomatic and are usually more willing to compromise than to fight. Your home and family are undoubtedly very important to you and the needs of others tend to be your greatest concern!

Your Forecast Number is: 1
Now’s the time for new beginnings. It’s a good time to let go of the past and make a fresh start. Your future is in your own hands right now. Don’t be afraid to exercise your independence and experience many new things at this time.

This will be an excellent day to get work done on an unfinished project, especially if your finances need reinforcement. Money is out there waiting to be had by your efforts.

The Ox is relieved to start the work week today. Some structure that you may have been longing for is now available. Enjoy the security.

Some things are inevitable and other things are saved by a generous gesture or a compassionate remark: Differences of opinion that do not have to precede the dissolution of a partnership. A little empathy will go a long way toward settling disputes. When others attempt to rattle you, try to put yourself in the other guy’s place. An easy-going approach stills aggressive attitudes, avoids sudden endings and creates fruitful beginnings.

Your relationship with your Pisces mate will undoubtedly require a little effort in order to make it work for both of you. In choosing your Pisces partner, you’ve gotten yourself quite an affectionate little dreamer. What you need, however, is someone who can handle your carefree nature without getting their feelings hurt. Your Pisces mate was initially attracted by your charm, and hopes that all the feelings you had for each other in the beginning will only grow with time. Always remember that your sensitive Pisces partner’s feelings can easily be hurt by careless words or actions. Your wit and humor is your biggest asset, just be careful not to use it against your Pisces or there will definitely be trouble in paradise.

OX and RAT
This is perhaps one of the best relationships known to Chinese astrologers, be it simply an affair or more seriously a marriage. The partners complement each other marvelously. There is little ground for antagonism although there exist quite a number of differences between them which, however, can be surmounted with a minimum of effort. The Ox woman, with her heels well dug in, so to speak, will give the Rat a reassuring feeling of security which he badly needs. She will have an easy answer to every problem, thus allaying his tendency to fret about everything. On the other hand, the Rat man can bring her refinement, flexibility and openmindedness. Financial difficulties are not expected to come and plague them since both are good with money and keen on saving. The problem of infidelity is unlikely to arise as the Ox, a confirmed puritan, has a strong sense of property and will not let her Rat have the slightest chance to deviate. A major stumbling block on their path to happiness may be that they will tend to shield themselves from the outside world. Without an outward-looking attitude, it would be difficult for them to save their love life from pedestrianism and provincialism. On the sexual plane, each is as hardy as the other, although there may be some difference between them as to the frequency of their desires. This problem can generally be solved to the satisfaction of both owing to their frankness. But the Ox woman is not a person to talk or hear talking about sex outside the bedroom or before nightfall, and so the Rat would do well never to hurt her particular sense of decency.


Your Heart Number is: 7
Makes you a bit of a loner. You probably require a lot of time by yourself just to clear your head and recharge your batteries. You may be somewhat more concerned with the deeper issues of life.

Your Personality Number is: 9
Makes you appear to be a very kind and caring individual who’s always willing to help take care of the needs of others. Your feelings run deep and people can tell that you really care.

Your Image Number is 7
Makes you appear to be a bit removed from daily reality. You could be something of a loner, and your head may be in the clouds much of the time as you ponder some of the deeper issues in life.

FEBRUARY 27, 1984

Your Life-Path Number is: 6
You are responsible and are always concerned for others. You tend to be very sensitive to the needs of your family and friends, and marriage is a high priority for you. All these things will help to provide you with the stable foundation that you desire. You need to learn how to advise and support others without getting too involved in things!

Your Forecast Number is: 6
Now’s the time to settle down and focus on home, family and romance. It’s a good time to tend to all your responsibilities in life, so get things organized and take care of business. You’ll also be inclined to want to take care of everyone around you right now.

A partner may be too aggressive or in too much of a bragging mood that turns you off. Work towards a reconciliation after sunset, or wait for them to get a slice of humble pie next week.

The Rat has a sense of freedom today, and it was well-earned. You may be over the hump or past the toughest obstacle on your most recent journey. Whew!

You can handle anything you plan, coordinate and execute successfully. Nothing comes easily and details cause delay. Slow moving, cautious folks who are anxious to please and fearful of making mistakes cannot maintain a team pace. Ply them with compliments to boost their self-confidence. Put your routine chores in order and correct ongoing mistakes. Don’t be easy on yourself, dig in and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Getting involved with a Gemini partner could be a bit of a strange experience for you. Your Gemini mate is a highly social creature who needs lots of interaction with plenty of different people in order to be truly happy. You like to have the full attention of your companion and might not understand your partner’s need to always be engaged with other people. Your Gemini might not always be able to provide the emotional support that you desire. And since you value feelings over ideas, you might feel that your Gemini is a bit insensitive to your emotional needs. This relationship will require a little flexibility and sensitivity on both your parts if you want it to work.

RAT and OX
This can be a marvelous union – marvelous for the partners as they naturally are, but not necessarily so should they conform to certain prevailing social biases; feminists in particular may be inclined to frown upon it without indulgence. Sharing her life with the Ox, the Rat woman could not wish for a better feeling of security. This man is stability personified; he is besides an excellent provider and likes to protect his woman from all possible tribulations. He will expect absolute fidelity and obedience from the Rat – a condition she will be quite ready to fulfill in return for his patronage. They are unlikely to be ever at loggerheads with each other as his wishes are meant to be orders and she will be in this particular instance prepared to give up her caprices. They will form a solid couple and will be happy in their own way, with the woman doing her best to advance her husband’s career. Occasional friction will be inevitable, but it will never reach alarming proportions and will act as a spice to their otherwise humdrum common life. After a few years of peaceful coexistence, they will in all likelihood gradually switch into friendship whatever passion they started out with. Both parties here enjoy a large family and will surely have numerous children together. They will diligently watch them grow up and carefully prepare them for life. A deep involvement with the in-laws on both sides will also be a matter of course. The sexual side of their togetherness will certainly lack romantic fancy throughout. Both of them do not care much about the “nonessential” aspects of love. Under the impulse of the Ox’s unimaginative approach, their lovemaking will be somewhat basic, primary. But as they have a good appetite and are devoid of inhibitions, nothing will prevent them from feeling satisfied. A very good union in many respects.
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