My surveys…

x// using someone = against
x// suicide = against
x// long distance relationships = for
x// killing someone = against
x// teenage smoking = against
x// doing drugs = against
x// premarital sex = for
x// driving drunk = against
x// gay/lesbian relationships = for

x// ever cried over a guy or girl = many times
x// ever lied to someone = yes
x// ever been in a fist fight = no
x// ever been arrested = no
x// ever tripped over your own feet = yes
x// ever screamed at your feet = no
x// ever talked on the phone for more then 3 hours = yes
x// ever sat at the computer all night = yes
x// ever watched a movie over and over = yes
x// ever listened to a friend even though you didn’t want to = yes

x// perfume do you use = Yves Rocher’s Ming Shu and Calgon’s Cool Sunshower Body Spray
x// shoes do you wear = its a day by day decision
x// music do you listen to = anything but country.
x// thing you talk about most *and with who* = everything with my close close buds and babes
x// do you think about before you go to bed = life, love, and dreams
x// are you scared of = spiders and dying unloved

DO =
x// you wish you lived somewhere else = on occasion, yes
x// you think about suicide = no
x// you have a bf or gf = yes
x// you want more piercings = yes
x// you want more tattoos = yes
x// you drink = no
x// you believe in “online dating” = no
x// you do drugs = no
x// you like cleaning = it depends on what I’m cleaning.
x// you like roller coasters = hell yes
x// you write in cursive or print = print
x// you carry a donor card = no


Name: Kassondra Michelle Thomsen
Sex: Hey, now there’s an idea.
Gender: Female
School: Caledonia Senior Secondary
Nicknames: Kass, K, Gurl, Sondy, Hoops, Cassidy
Color You’d Like Your Hair To Be: Maybe some gold streaks.
Number of Caffeinated Beverages Consumed Today: Two
Amount of Time You Spent Considering Whether or Not To Fill Out This Survey: A couple seconds
Last Time (Age/Date) That You Wet The Bed: I don’t remember
College To Be Attended? Capilano
Occupation: Student

Food: Italian
Food Item: Pizza
Color: Purple
TV Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Movie: Star Wars Movies
Caffinated Beverage: Pepsi
Donut: Boston Cream
Cartoon Character: Hard Choice
Number: 7
Thing To Wear In Bed: Tank top and shorts
Thing To Travel With: Friends and a Crib set.
Condiment: Pepper
Pair Of Underwear: Purple Tie Dyed Thong
Pair Of Socks: My cute hanes socks
Pair Of Shoes: Strappy Wave Sandals
Brand of chocolate: Lindt
Part Of The Male or Female Anatomy: Lips and eyes
Sandwich: Philly Cheesesteak
Flavor of Jones soda: Rootbeer

Meet: Chester from Linkin Park
Hug: Steve or my brother
Kiss: Steve
See Naked: *goofy smile*
Run The Bases With: *evil grin*
Skip Straight To Home Base With: But the getting to home base is the fun part
Take Out For A Drink: Chris
See Perform a Striptease: Barry (that would be some seriously funny stuff)
Perform A Striptease For: Steve
See Try To Do Shakespeare: Stewy
See On Television: Melissa
See In Prison: Tiernan.
Never See Again: The people I hate
Erase From The Face of The Earth: Nobody. That wouldn’t be right.
Trap In A Cage and Have Live In Your House As A Pet: Nobody

Mother’s Middle Name: Lynn
Father’s Middle Name: Nissen
Siblings’ Middle Name: Marie, Elizabeth and I can’t remember Jordan’s
Name Of Your Favorite Stuffed Animal: Mr. Binky
Species Of Your Favorite Stuffed Animal: Elephant
Pets: One obese cat
Prospective Names For Your Daughter: Maori (I heard that and loved it), Skye, Sky…
Prospective Names For Your Son: Rayne, Tristen…
Favorite Uncle: Aaron
Person That You’d Like To Have In Your Family But Isn’t: Steve
Person That Might As Well Be In Your Family: Melissa
Person You’d Like To Have Permantly Removed From Your Family: Norm and Marie
Number Of Spouses Before You Give Up: I have my one permanent spouse. Sucker.

Do you like me: Who is “me”?
What Do You Think My Best Feature Is: I don’t know what you look like.
Have You Ever Thought Of Taking Me Out? With a shotgun maybe.
When’s The First Time You Met Me: Never.
Admit It, You Want Me Don’t You: Not really… no.


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 09/17/2002.

One Response to “My surveys…”

  1. Hey! My name isn’t mentioned anywhere there.


    I’m just kidding there babe.

    I still love ya 😉

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