This Weekend…

Hey all.

It was a long and interesting weekend… I must say. Amanda, Aaron, Melissa, Matt and Steve came over to my house. Unfortunately, Matt and Melissa decided to spend the night, and I got in really deep shit for it. Really deep shit. My Dad was so pissed at me he wouldn’t talk to me. So I’m still kind-of pissed at Lis because she decided to do whatever she wanted without asking me. I was extremely generous about buying the food for them, and accommodating them, and inviting them over for a night of pampering… which perhaps SOME people didn’t deserve.

But otherwise it was good. Marianne showed up and gave us our facial. She left quickly though, and Dad said it was because she didn’t want to witness us testing our lips out. After that we all headed outside. When it got late, it started to rain really badly. Eventually people were driven from their tents… but Steve and I fought it out, and in the morning we were both drenched. Hehehe. Melissa and Matt slept in her car, and Aaron and Amanda took over my room.

I’m choked because my Dad made Steve go home a night early… and it was because I got in so much trouble. Grr. I feel really shitty about it too. I was really looking forward to getting to spend some time alone with him, to talk and cuddle and just plain catch up. We never get to spend much in the way of quality time, and this weekend was OURS. I hate that the incompetence of others took that away.

Also, I think my Dad and I are drifting apart. We had this great father/daughter relationship. We could talk about nearly anything… but I think he’s just too overcome by his own dread that he can’t see past it. So I spent a few hours writing him this long letter, that I hope he reads and considers. His opinion of who I am is so wrong… he’s so adamant to believe that I’m what he never expected that he won’t believe that I’m okay.

But anyhow… I’ve done my work for today, so I will let you go with some quizzes. Lots of love. *wink*

What 60’s Crowd Are You “In” With?


Your Secret Fetish Is Balloons!

When you get it on, you want to hear a pop.
Stomp on a few balloons, and you’ll forget your name.
The exhileration of the squeeze and the burst is so sexy that you just can’t help it.
So run out and find a clown, and you’ll have the best sex ever.

What’s *Your* Secret Fetish? Click Here to Find Out!


What’s *Your* Sex Sign?

i am not indie at all!

How indie are you?
test by ridethefader

Who are you trying to fool? Just because you own a couple of Weezer albums
doesn’t mean that you’re uberindie. Indie people don’t hear about cutting edge
new bands from MTV. At least the ignorant don’t know what they’re missing…

What Kind of Dyke Are You?

[i'm galadriel!]
I am Galadriel, Queen of Lothlorien. I was given Nenya, the Ring of Adamant, but I remained untouched by the Shadow. I gave shelter, gifts and advice to the Fellowship, but I turned green while they were around. My bad. In the movie, I’m played by Cate Blanchett.
|| Which Lord of the Rings Elf are you? @ xirculo{dot}com ||

The Band Quiz By Rahel



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