Survey Shmurvey!

Allo babes and babettes!

I have actually had the first happy day since Steve left. I managed to actually GET my mind off of him for longer than ten minutes. Of course, it was all while we were watching Oedipus The King in English. Even then, for awhile there, (i think the first 30 minutes) I was staring at pictures of Steve I’d brought to put in my locker. Kassi is such a sad human being.

I wrote two more songs… I have to go through my stack again and gruelingly choose the best of them all. I think I’m just going to put them down in front of him and ask his opinion, because he’d be the audience. I like them all, but the audience gets what they want… its a cardinal rule.

I talked to Maretta on MSN. She said Steve is missing me. Awwwww. I miss him too. I really do. I’ve been thinking about him like friggin’ nuts since he left. All I want to do is (and I’ll leave the elaborate details out) lay in his arms all weekend. (By the way I was joking about the elaborate details bit… pervs). Apparently, Steve sings. Now, this is fascinating… and kind-of a turn on. I want to hear him sing… *wink*

Okay, Lindsay was talking to me today, and saying shit like, when you’re around me… you and Steve shouldn’t touch each other at all… or kiss or anything… because I don’t have a boyfriend. I think that is so disappointing. Why do these GIRLS need to be so DAMN dependent? I mean, I love Steve, and I don’t think I could live without him in my heart… but Lindsay isn’t even dating anyone let alone in LOVE with anyone… so why would she care? Be independent! Steve should be home soon. YAY!

Anyway… I have to take a shower, so here’s a survey:

1// Do you have straight or crooked teeth?
2// What color are your eyes? Doe Brown
3// Do you enjoy your hair style? Yes! Long layers are perfect for long curly hair.
4// Are your nails short or long? Short and manicured.

5// Ice Cream:
Daiquiri Sorbet
6// Singer(s): Avril Lavigne, Bif Naked
7// Body part: Lips and eyes
8// Actor: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Keanu Reeves, Natalie Portman…
9// Outfit: I mix and match. I don’t do the outfit.
10// Person to be around: Steve
11// Friend: I don’t have a favorite…
12// Color: Blue, Purple and Red
13// Food: Pizza, pasta (I am an Italian food aficionado!)

Which One?
14// Pool or Lake:
15// Snow or Thunderstorm: Thunderstorm
16// Time Alone or With Friends: It varies.
17// Black or Blue: Blue
18// Cats or Dogs: Cats, I’d have to say… but I love dogs too.
19// Travel or Stay Home: Travel

Random Questions
20// Do you get mad suddenly?
I’m moody… shut up.
21// Do you act perfect? Perfection is imperfect, and imperfection is perfect.
22// Can you skateboard? No… alas I am not a Sk8er Grrl
23// Do you like Ozzy Osbourne? OZZY! (Fuk’n eh, bubba?)
24// Where are you from?: Surrey
25// Have you ever ‘done it’ with someone? None of your F&*$%#@ business!!!
26// Ever had a body shot? Who the hell gave you your vocabulary? SPEAK ENGLISH!
27// Know what a body shot is? Hell no.
28// Ever stolen something?: Stealing is bad. Don’t do it. (I stole Steve’s heart).
29// Ever been kissed? Christ. Yes. Mmm. HURRY UP AND COME HOME DAMMIT!
30// Liked a guy who didn’t like you? It has happened many a time.

Would You
31// Lick a fish tank?
Gross… no.
32// Smoke a cigar? Hell no.
33// Try drugs? F**k no.
34// Try out for cheerleading? HELL YEAH!
35// Audition for a movie? F**K YES!
36// Go skinny dipping? Been there, done that…
37// Do a strip tease? Refer to previous question.


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