Reflections Of Starlight

*SIGH* IT DIDN’T HELP ENOUGH! My weekend was shot out of the end of a cannon and only flew for a block. That is so lame.

It started out with me working the YBC table at the Youth Opportunities Convention at the mall for 6 hours, and I made 44 bucks (including allowance) so I bought the Avril Lavigne CD and went grocery shopping. Avril Lavigne’s album is SOOOOOO good. I recommend it to EVERYONE. EVEN CAYLEY WOULD LIKE IT… and she’s all lucrative, into Euro-folk bands and stuff. She has very diverse tastes. But no– the album is incredible for someone Avril’s age to be putting out, so get it. You’ll love it.

Anyhoo… so I went to Lis’ and we watched 3 movies Crocodile 2: Death Swamp, High Crimes (AWESOME!!), and Showtime. Showtime was surprisingly funny, and High Crimes had an AWESOME twist. Rent it. RENT IT!

The whole time though I was consumed with worry. I just want to hear Steven’s voice. I really really just want to talk to him, and tell him how very much I love him… and make sure he’s all right. Its going to be that way all week.

But anyway… I have to go right now… so I will update with more tomorrow. Steve, if u read this, call me. I need to hear you’re wonderful voice. *MWA*


(PS… Cayley… girl… hugs out to you, and all the support in the world.)


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 09/08/2002.

One Response to “Reflections Of Starlight”

  1. Gracias!

    Thanks, Kassi, yeah, distance blows goats, no? *sigh* I’m working at not whining and being ok… Twelve weeks to go! And hey, I actually do like some of Avril Lavigne’s work, so your prediction is right 😉

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