Boop. Boop. Boop-Boop!


Okay, so no matter how depressed I am… I had a decent day. I spent this morning absolutely miserable because when Dad and I passed Scott Ave., I knew Steve wouldn’t be there waiting for me. Its a hard reality to face… but at least I didn’t have to walk past it today. I don’t know if I could have stopped myself from walking to his front door and just bawling my eyes out.

I’m not handling this well. Its reminding me of all the deaths I’ve had to deal with in the last few years. Grandma Margaret, Uncle Frank, Korey, Grandma Staschuk, Grandpa Staschuk, Carmelle, Hannah. Granted, I didn’t really know Hannah, but still… all my friends were really torn up about it. Really torn up. It hurts so much to see people that way.

Amanda took me out for lunch. That was so great. It totally cheered me up. I was just expecting to watch them eat, and they were like… what do u want to eat? That was so great. Thanks you guys.

I heard back from Maretta. She’s having a hell week and a half… but she’ll endure. I know it.

Oh… Jessica. Pro website you might want to visit. Go to Number One Sex Positions Dot Com.

Luv ya.



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