Yay! [Inserts Giant Leap Here].

I got into Accounting 12. I know, I know… you’re all like, but wasn’t Accounting 11 bad business? Well… not really. Now that I’ve redeemed Mrs. Bell as my teacher, I can pass with dignity. Yay. Woooohhoooo. If you fail once, try and try again. That’s my motto. Anything but having to hit a ball with a stick in the same class as that ass Skyler Sandhals. That guy is such an arrogant prick. Moron. Even if Dylan is in that class (sorry I had to trap you with the dipshit, Dill).

I have my Steve though. And he is the most incredible human being ever put on this planet. I love him so much. In the last few days or so, he’s been saying that he’s going to marry me one day… calling me Mrs. Hawke and stuff. Its so cute. I love him SOOOO much!!! And to top it off… he did something I totally didn’t expect… Mr. Spontaneous… he met me on Scott Ave. this morning. Here is this Grad, and he’s getting up at god knows what time in the morning just to see his girlfriend for forty minutes. That was incredibly sweet. Of course– I’d likely do the same thing. I, however, would have to stay in the computer lab of the library because I live so very far away. 😦

I get to go on the INTERNET! Yay. When I get home I do. I dunno… I may add to my MP3 playlist, or I may surf… oh the possibilities. Ohhhhhhh my god. I am suuuucchhhh a freeeeeaak. I don’t have an A block today, because its too late to join the class for today, but I get to tommorrow… and then I will not be updating my LJ… I will be PAYING ATTENTION… because with Mrs. Bell, its not hard to pass. It sure was with Mrs. Correia though. Grr. GRR!

Oh, and I got my Math 12, I think. I got out of Visual Arts 12, and into Law 12, block A next semester, and I switched my Block D Law 12 with Block D Math 12 with Draper. I know he’s going to have a cranial blast when he sees me in his class (because I SUCK at math) but I’m persistent. If they had EMA12 I’d take it, but they just don’t. I may ask him for a grant to grade as EMA though, because I may need it. I don’t need Math 12 to grad, because I already have EMA11.

I really hope my courses are going to enable me to grad. I really do. I’m so paranoid that they won’t be… but hey, I’m working out all the kinks. (Heheheh…. kinks…)

Anyway… I don’t think I have much time left before Block B… although we have a break after this…



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 09/04/2002.

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