Why Was I So Afraid?

Hey all

Thanks for being all great and congratulating me on winning the prizes at the fall fair. It was a nice perk to kind of drift my mind away from my loneliness lately. Not that I’m one to speak, Cayley… because I can imagine what you’re going through and it has to suck terribly. I hope you and Hans find a way to see each other sooner than Christmas.

I’m kind-of bummed lately, because an emergency has barred Steve and I from seeing each-other, or from being able to talk very much at all. And since its the long weekend, and I’m stuck out here all by myself with very few diversions to my brain, I have nothing much else to do but toil and wish and toil and sleep. I’ve been trying to get my MP3 library in order, but I feel that what I’m going to have to do for that to work is alphabetize them… although so far, that seems quite impossible, so I’ll just have to burn them as they load, and then make a reference chart. I’m Mrs. Project. Hear me file. *wahhh*

I OFFICIALLY HAVE A NEW THEME SONG! AND ITS MINE! NONE OF YOU CAN CLAIM THIS SONG AS YOUR OWN! AVRIL LAVIGNE – NAKED. It is officially my new song… thank you… Kassi takes a bow here.

I had about six to eight hours on the Internet last night, and downloaded twenty songs. (Stop laughing, ADSL users, Cable users, and everyone who has a modem faster than mine.) I’m very successful now. Here is what I have downloaded so far:

  • Avril Lavigne – Naked
  • Christina Aguilera (feat. Redman) – Dirrty
  • Deadsy – Gramercy Park
  • Dope – Debonair
  • Dunkan Sheik – On A High
  • Gob – That’s The Way
  • Hole – Miss World
  • Hoobastank – Crawling In The Dark
  • JJ Abrams – New Version Of You
  • Justin Timberlake (feat. Clipse) – Like I Love You
  • Korn – Here To Stay
  • Our Lady Peace – Somewhere Out There
  • POD – Boom
  • POD – Youth Of The Nation
  • Portishead – Roads
  • Puddle Of Mudd – Drift And Die
  • Radiohead – How To Disappear Completely
  • Saliva – Superstar
  • Slipknot – I Am Hated

    And since I am on the Internet right now, I thought I’d round out my collection so I can burn two complete CD’s today, all nice and ready for the first day of school (I’m sure they’ll be broken in by then… *wink*) so here is what I am downloading now:

  • Bif Naked – Lucky (Club Mix)
  • Bif Naked – Spaceman (Boomtang Boys Mix)
  • Chester Bennington – System

    Anyway… yeah. Nothing much happening here. Boring. Boring ol’ Kassi’s boring ol’ life. Bored. Boring. Boresome. Its a bore. Oh… one interesting thing… I finally finished Reign Of Chaos its a good read, you should check it out. Much love.


    ~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 09/01/2002.

  • One Response to “Why Was I So Afraid?”

    1. Yes indeed

      It does suck terribly… it’s only been a week and a bit but I miss him so much. Heh, four months left to go! Oh well, we have the phone and (eventually) the ‘net until Christmas. Who knows if we’ll manage before then… probably not, but maybe I can wrangle a surprise road trip or take the bus or something… or he could, but university’s waaaay worse to miss classes than school. Anyways… we’ll see how I manage… badly… *L*

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