Survey Part 1

1// I Call Myself:
2// Something That Is Cool About Me: If you’re a total bitch, I’ll still try to be nice to you.
3// Something That Is Not So Cool About Me: I am secretly insecure about myself.
4// My Favorite Thing To Drink Is: Pepsi or Water
5// My Favorite Food Is: John’s Butt-Kickin’ Chicken
6// I Am This Tall: 6’1″
7// I Am This Wheight: 170-173
8// The First Thing I Do In The Morning Is: Wish I weren’t alone in bed.
9// The Last Thing I Do Before I Go To Bed Is: Wish I weren’t alone in bed.

Shower Time!
1// I Take Baths Or Showers:
Mostly showers
2// My Favorite Soap To Use Is: Yves Rocher Jardins Du Monde Provencal Mimosa Body Wash
3// I Use This Shampoo: Yves Rocher Bio-Cure Hydrating Shampoo for Dry Hair
4// I Use A Comb or a Brush: I use a paddle brush and a pick.
5// I Blow Dry My Hair or Let It Air Dry: Air dry. I have to buy a diffuser.
6// My Toothpaste Is: Crest Clean Mint
7// My Toothbrush Color Is: Purple
8// I Like Hot or Cold Showers: It depends on how hot it is outside.
9// What I Think About In The Shower: My beauty regimen. *wink*
10// My Least Favorite Thing About The Shower Is: The cold blast of air you get while exiting it.

High School
1// My Favorite Subject in High School Is/Was:
English and Art
2// My Favorite Activity in High School: Being part of the caff elite.
3// I Was In the Band and I Played: I was never in band, but I play the piano.
4// I Was In This School Play(s): A Christmas Carol, A Christmas Tale, The Night Before Christmas, The Vacation, Les Miserables
6// I Had Detention This Many Times: Once. Naughty me.
7// I Drove To School: Five months from now.
8// I Skipped Class This Many Times: Twice.
9// I Was Always Late For Class: About 10 times.
10// I Went To Prom With: Steven, the love of my life.
11// I Went To This Many Football Games: 0.
12// My Favorite Field Trip Was: To Lake Else, where I live!!
13// I Was In The Principal’s Office This Many Times: 0.


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