A Survey From Me To You

I really just cannot wait until next week. There is absolutely NOTHING happening to me, and that is so boring I can’t even help you to understand. Plus… next week is Lis’ party and then Steve will get home… oh I miss him so much. There are so many reasons that sometimes I wish I could help you to understand about he and I… but I guess that’s just not happening. Anyway… have a great weekend.

What Does It Look Like?
I haven’t gotten a new one since my last one fell apart.
Hairbrush: Silvery black. It looks like it has a cool dark metallic wrought chrome finish.
Toothbrush: Purple grip, white body and blue bristles.
Jewelry Worn Daily: I like to alternate, but the one piece of jewelry I never take off is my Claddagh Ring.
Socks: I am a barefoot, sandal-wearing beach baby!!!
Pillow Cover: Black and white.
Blanket: I have three blankets. One is black and white, one is blue, pink and white patches and one is floral.
Sunglasses: I have two pairs, but I intend to extend my collection in time. One pair is a clip on set that looks like something a biker or a cop would wear (not those stupid aviator kind though). And my other pair is a pair of raver blue sundog shades. I love ’em!
Shoes: [Insert deep gasp for air here]. Here goes: I have a pair of black gummy open-toed platform shoes (wedge heels), a pair of white sketcher’s sneakers (for my inner athletic popstar), a pair of black suede strappy platforms (clog heels), a pair of beaten brown leather slides (with loafer heels), a pair of classic catholic schoolgirl platforms (clog heels), a pair of black beaded-strap sandals, a pair of black string-strapped sandals and also a pair in silver… and some others…
Nail Polish: None. I am going low-maintenance for awhile.
Keychain: A small plush lion keychain that my little sister gave to me.
Favorite Top: Hard choice! Probably the awesome new gold tejana shirt my mom gave me.
Favorite Pants: My denim snap-up hip huggers with front back pockets.
Soap: Cheesecake
CD In Stereo Right Now: Incubus’ Morning View
Piercings: Two ear-holes, and the next will be my navel.

Have you Ever…?
Fallen For Your Best Friend?:
Yes. Actually twice… the second time was WAY WAY WAY more rewarding.
Made Out With Just A Friend?: No.
Been Rejected?: Does the word “DUH” mean anything to you?
Been In Love?: Yes, and I still am. I hope to be for the rest of my life.
Been In Lust?: I think maybe once, and I learned my lesson.
Used Someone?: Unintentionally.
Been used?: Does the word “DUH” mean anything to you?
Cheated On Someone?: No.
Been Cheated On?: Several times.
Been Kissed?: HELL YES
Done Something You Regret?: Yes, but I try not to.

Who Was The Last Person…
You Talked To?:
You Kissed?: Steven
You Had Sex With?: None of your F#@*^& % business!!!!
Who Broke Your Heart?: Raynor
Who Told You They Loved You?: Steven

Do you…
Color Your Hair?:
Only have once, and I died it Passion Red.
Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Both?: I have a boyfriend whose name is Steven
Ever Get Off The Damn Computer?: Ewww no! I am not into computer sex thank you.

Have You/Do You/Are You…
Stolen Anything?:
A loooongggg time ago.
Smoke?: No, never. Ugh.
Schizophrenic?: No.
Obsessive Compulsive?: Before I answer that question you must ask me that question three times so that I KNOW THE DAMN QUESTION RIGHT! DAMN YOU!
Panic?: Oh Lordy yes. I just about panicked myself into an early grave a few days ago. Long story.
Anxiety?: Read the answer to the previous question genius. Panic and anxiety are hand in hand.
Depressed?: No. I was a long while ago… but no. I’m not sure if I could be depressed. I’m too happy.
Suicidal?: I was a long time ago. I’m glad I never went through with it.
If You Could Be Anywhere, Where Would You Be?: In Alberta at the Hawke Family Reunion 2002.
Can You Do Anything Freakish With Your Body?: I can do contortionist moves, like the pretzel, and the knee tuck, I can raise each eyebrow individually, I can touch the tip of my nose with my lip and I can do crazy tongue tricks.
What Facial Feature Do You Find The Most Attractive On Others?: Lips and eyes.
Would You Marry For Money?: No. If I loved the person and he so happened to have money, I’d still marry him though.
Have You Had Braces?: No.
When Was The Last Time You Had A Hickey?: I’m not sure. I don’t think I’ve had one. My man is gentle to me.
Could You Live Without A Computer?: Well yes, but I wouldn’t want to.
What Is Your Favorite Place To Visit?: Vancouver
What Is The Last Movie You Saw? The Haunting
Do You Kiss On The First Date?: Um… I haven’t really gone on one of those traditional “dates”, so no??
Do You Have Any Dimples?: Steve says I do, but I never noticed.
Do You Drink Alcohol?: I have, but its a rare and not regular thing.
Did You Like Or Do You Like High School?: I LOVE IT!!!!!
Who Do You Want To Kiss?: Steven! *cries*
Do You Like Sunrises Or Sunsets The Most?: Sunsets
Do You Watch Movies With Lights On Or Off?: Lights off, like in the cinema
Do You Think You Can Draw Well?: So I’m told.
How Many Pairs Of Shoes Do Have In Your Closet?: I don’t keep my shoes in a closet.
Do You Alternate Shoes From Day To Day For Variety?: Um… sometimes. It depends on what Zeus is doing.
Do You Write Poetry?: Yes I do. I post it on my DeadJournal.
Do You Sleep More On Your Back, Front, Or Sides?: I am a classic tosser-turner.
Dog/Cat?: I love both, and I desperately want a Yorkshire Terrier, but I only have a Cat.
Which Hurts The Most, Physical Or Emotional Pain?: Emotional, but if I stab my hand, its going to hurt like a sonofamonkeysass.
Do You Know Anyone Who Is Clinically Depressed?: A few people actually.
Are You A Sex Addict?: No.
Do You Know Someone Who Has Cancer?: A few people actually.
Do You Like To Argue?: Only if I feel strongly about the subjects (like politics).
Would You Rather Visit A Zoo Or An Art Museum?: HARD CHOICE! It depends on my mood, but both.
Did You Drink Anything With Caffeine In It Today?: No, but I will be momentarily.
How Many Phones/Lines And TVs Do You Have In Your House?: Two phone lines, three TVs.
How Long Is Your Hair?: Medium-Long.
Do You Get Along With Your Parents?: On a rare chance.
What Color Of Eyes Do You Prefer?: I love blue eyes, but I love all eyes.
If You Were Another Person, Would You Be Friends With Yourself?: It depends on whether or not I were to be a bitch.
Are You A Daredevil?: About some things.
Do Looks Matter?: In some instances, but I think they are just a method of shielding yourself from the truth.
Are You Trendy?: I dress the way I want, and if others so copy me, then it may be a trend, I don’t know.
Do You Trust Others Easily?: I am prone to trusting too easily, but I find that it gets me hurt too often.
What Do You Look For In A Guy/Girl?: Someone who is understanding, kind, funny, caring, cautious, responsible, strong, convicted, loving, loyal, honest…
What Is Your Nickname?: Kassi, Kass, K, Si, Sondra, Sondy (GRR!), Kassidy, Girl, Sweet
What Would You Change About Yourself?: The desire to change myself.
Would You Bungee Jump?: It depends on what I’m risking my life against. Potentially, yes.
What Are You Worried About Right Now?: That I have to spend another week without Steve. *waaahh!*
Do You Think You Are Strong?: It is impossible to assume that a weak person could have survived such a storm…
What’s Your Least Favorite Thing In The World?: Animosity

So thats the survey. Hopefully some of you learned something new about me, because I know I’ve changed in the last while… I definitely have… and its interesting. Love ya! *wink*



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