Boo na noo na noo noo noo noo…

This is the wierd imitation of the piano on Counting Crows’ song Colorblind (which I introduced Barry to, by the way… take a bow Kassi… you make us all very proud… yes you do!!!) Actually, Barry would have found it eventually, if not by folly… yes he would have!

Excuse me if I sound like I have the intellect of a scrambled egg, I’m sure that if you peeled back the cap of my skull, that is what you would find, and then Barry would attack me with Salt, Pepper and a fork. He says mayo too, but I think scrambled brain eggs may taste odd with mayo. (*grin*) Barry has eated scrambled brain eggs before (is that what happened with his sister’s old pets??)

I’m only kidding. Its the barometric pressure raping my brain thats talking… wow. Barometric pressure sure does multi-task don’t it??

I was going to put on my really god-awfully long survey today, but of course, Mommy dearest blew away all of hour internet time downloading shit from the sixties (can anyone reiterate SHIT for me??? PLEASE? CAN YOU? SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHITTINESS!) That reminds me of the quote from Denis Leary’s No Cure For Cancer show… “Can you give me a drug that makes my heart explode and shrinks my penis? Can you? PLEASE??!! Can you?! TAKE MY PENIS AWAY!!!!”

I don’t have a penis, as I said, its a quote from Denis Leary, who is a man, and I’m assuming that being male would entitle him to having a penis. Its no crime.

I’m at Barry’s house of course. Yes I am. Did I say this already? Yes? No? Maybe. Whatever. Barry’s dog Lady is stalking me. I walk… she walks. She curls up beside me like a lump of fur with a nervous system… its crazy. This lump of fur with a nervous system then stretches out on its back, its paws curled towards its chest and downright DEMANDS that I rub its tummy. What an initiation into the Wolfenden circle of friends. Damn. (Just kidding).

Anyway… I feel that my psychotic barometric rant has gone on long enough… so I will leave you now… irate and swollen in the head (not from genius, but perhaps lack there of… there are a lot of scrambled eggs up there). Anyone hungry? Barry tells me that scrambled eggs hold more nutritional content than scrambled brain eggs. Oh well. I always knew that my intellect was the ruin of the health of the world… (hehehehe). Anyone still hungry?



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 08/22/2002.

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