Level the Field: Image is sexist

I’ve had an interesting day. I couldn’t really sleep last night, though beyond a doubt did I ever try. I worked HARD trying to sleep, I had to cuddle with PandaSteve for about an hour before I actually fell asleep (listening to Swallow by Maren Ord). I woke up this morning with PAINFUL gut rot. My stomach was growling really loudly but I didn’t feel hungry, I just felt really sick, and I had a major headache and the dizzies, so I layed down in my room until 10:30, unable to sleep but trying. I watched the Crocodile Hunter marathon with Aaron and Victoria until 12:30 and called Steve… (he told me to call him early) he’s been doing really good, but he misses everyone. The band is out of town, so he can’t jam with anyone on the guitar or drums or anything like that. Kevin is in town still though. I can’t believe it! I miss that mook! I miss all my friends! Cayley, when I saw Galadriel on Lord Of The Rings I immediately thought of you. And by the way, Tyra… you have a striking Resemblance to Liv Tyler… you have the same facial structure. Pretty pretty! Jessica, I’ve been missing your sense of style, and your ever-encouraging demeanor. Barry, I miss your sardonic, witty and sick sense of humor, not to mention your vast knowledge of… well… nearly everything. Melissa… thats a given. You muh gurl. Happy BEEEEEE day… uhhhhh! I sooooo gon’ be there. (STEVE WON’T BE! *WAAAHHH!*) He’s gon’ be gone until the 24th or something like that. I am so spending every waking day NOT at home during that week or I will SOOOOOO go mad. AHH! Like— AAAAAHHHH! Batty. BATTY BATTY BATTINESS BATS! AUGH!

Jacob… would be nice to talk to you again… its been awhile… like always. I think Shaun is dying to hear from me. *L* They always are. *Heheheheeee* Anyways, I spent most of today writing. I wrote another song… it rocks. It’s called “UNFOLDED” and I read the words to Steve, he finds it very awesome. AND ITS NOT POP! I’m working on lyrics for a demo… something we can work on. So far I have six AWESOME SONGS! (one is called “FINGERNAILS” and I wrote it for Steve. Its awesome…).

I am so weak. I swear to God. I cannot help it. Every day I am away from Steve… the need to be with him gets stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger and it only ever gets harder on me because I’m NOT there. Ohhhh the bus ride is going to be SO unbearable. Fortunately I’ll have my Dad to keep me company from Prince George on. Yayness. Less loneliness. More ughhh! He’s going to harrass me about my summer and how much I complained about not being around Steve (which is almost CONSTANTLY!!!) *Laughs*

I just got an awesome new vizor (its orange and it says “HOTTIE” on it in hologram silver) and I also got a pair of funky beaded sandals. Yay. They’re pretty and they match my vizor. Kick ass.

I played Crib with Victoria again. I swear to the Lord above I need to learn how to play some good poker (thats POKER not POKE HER) because I would make myself a very rich woman. Aaron wants me to sign up for a strip club someday so I can excersize my flexibilities onstage as a wierd contortionistic exotic dancer. I think not. Hunter Wylde has that covered. The Steve Irwin-wannabe of male stripperdom. Blecch. Sickness, man. Major sickness. I pole dance for no-one but me (and I can, you know…). I am hoping to take the chippendales dance class sometime. It looks like so much fun. I will not be taking off my clothes though, because they like to do this one dance routine where they all strip down to their skivvies. Wrong.

Steve says we should wait awhile after grad to move in with each-other… at least until he’s gotten into the swing of college and that. He doesn’t want me around to distract him… and I hate to admit it, but he’s right. Fortunately, I am not bad with distraction, especially when it comes to Steve. My grades went up after I started dating him. [Insert Ironic laugh here].

Well… us ladies are going shopping. I might scope for a new DVD or something when I go by Rogers. Yayness. I feel the inevitability of car horns being beeped by horny men. It happens EVERY SINGLE DAY. *ugh* I love you all. Yes… yes I do.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 08/11/2002.

2 Responses to “Level the Field: Image is sexist”

  1. Kassi, I miss you too! Muah!

    I miss you too, chickapoo. You’re so cheerful, colorful, confident, and just so fun to be around, and who could forget the awesome trademark Kassi Laugh. Can’t wait til ya get back, and until then, shop til ya drop and brush off the H.O.G.s(Horny Old Guys). See ya when you get back!

  2. Cool cool

    *L* Horny men… they’re funny. So easy to manipulate, too… anyways, yeah, give us all a shout over LJ when you get back and we’ll have to have a BIIIIG party!

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