I’m Dixie… Dixie Normous…

Its been a long couple of days. Yesterday I had to get up early and drag Jordan to Surrey Central A&B Sound to shop for Steve and Melissa. I bought Steve the Dirty Vegas album like he wanted to get (I bought it out of the goodness of my heart, and I was being SELFISH because I wanted to buy it for him… I bought it for him for my sake. *L*) and I bought Melissa Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (which I later discovered she owns, but my copy is non-refundable). Anyway, later, after going home and getting ready, I met Steven’s cousin Maretta. She is really an awesome person. I don’t really see a resemblance between her and Steve, though I guess some people don’t look as much alike as others (Taj and I). I’d offered to take my brother, Jordan, to see Austin Powers 3, and when I talked to Maretta over the net last week, she thought we should go out and do something and meet… etc. So I offered to take her to the movies as well. Fortunately she’d never seen Austin Powers 3 and really wanted to see it, so I bought the three of us tickets and got drinks and popcorn. She pitched in for munchies. She had a thing for the candy machines (those dispensers that spit out stale candy…) she got Jelly Bellies and sour bones, and I bought a box of Reese’s pieces. Mm. Chocolatey goodness.

Anyway, she, Jordan and I got to sit back and chat for a half hour before the movie started, and scarily enough, we have a lot in common. I hope that isn’t wierd… I think not. Steven calls her “Ratty” as a tribute to “Retta” and her pet rats (one of which supposedly died). Jordan had a thing with calling her “Amaretto” I guess it was the thing that first popped into his head. I like her name, its very original. She told me that her family is very Danish. I think my Farmor is the only blatantly Danish person in my family. I’ve never really met my Morfar, he thought I was a nurse when I went to see him 9 years ago. Wow does time fly. Well now, ever since I told Farmor that Steve was Danish, she’s been interrogating me about their Danish name (What is it? What is it?) I know what it is, but I can’t remember… ugh. Farmor just got back from Denmark a little while ago. She was showing me the photos of their house in West Copenhagen (Copenhoun if I want to get technical). So my Grandmother is absolutely psyched about Steve being Danish. I think she’s going to share it with her Synagogue. The pride of the family descent. I think secretly she always wanted to maintain something of the family geneology, although she never wanted kids.

Anyway, I watched Austin Powers 3 and laughed my ass off the whole time. I won’t give out any details for those who may or may not have seen it yet, but this is the first one that you’ll get mad at right away, cheer at the first explosion, laugh at a loss for words, cringe in disgust, find pinched rosettes disgusting, cry for a tiny hero and be completely not surprised by the twist at the end. And by the way… the cameos are hella funny. (*Wham* “Eeeeeeeee! Eeeeee! Ahhheeeeee!” *Bam* *Gasp* *Click-Click* “Are you okay, Mini-Man?”) [Insert secretive chuckle here].

Afterwards, Jordan, Maretta and I wandered through Guildford mall for 30 minutes until we had to catch our bus. We went into Old Navy (where the Elephant used to be) and it was like the twighlight zone. They were playing the Supremes and Barry Manilow and John Wayne and stuff… ahh! There was a big plastic UFO with sweater-sets on it… I wanted to steal the UFO to give to Doug (ahehehahaheehe…. Dougie… (AP3!!!)) to put his alien head and hands in. That would be cool. Then he could put it on the roof. Yahahe! Anyway, I said to Maretta that if we left wearing matching turtle necks and pressed Khaki’s, that I wanted someone to kill me… right then on the spot. Immediately. With something blunt and painful. Ow. She said the notion was mutual. Thank GOD. I think Jordan was off somewhere in his brain trying to drown out Mailow with some OLP or something. I am never going into that Brady Hell ever again. She told me she wanted to get a pair of pants made out of tarp. There would be a swish-factor during walking that would drive ME bananas… but I think if she got nice soft lining put in, it might get rid of the chaffing. She wants to cut her hair really short and dye it blue, and buy pink pants so that she’ll look like an Ultra-Raver. I think she’s pretty the way she is, but hey– if she did that, she’d look like Gwen Stefani from the Return To Saturn album cover, except Gwen had pink hair and blue pants. *L*

Maretta eventually said goodbye to us at our bus stop, and she went and met up with her Dad at the mall. Steve, your cousin is totally awesome, be sure to let her know that. *L* It seems like Steve and I are both going through a series of bad dreams lately. I’ve dreamt that he got really pissed off at me, and I woke up really confused (and confusion tends to upset me). Steve dreamt that I was in his house, but he couldn’t get to me… and then he dreamt just the other night that I kept ignoring him. Poor guy. I hope he doesn’t think that I ignore him. I spend all day thinking about him and wanting desperately to just go home and see him and kiss him. Oh GOD I miss him. Four days to go and I cannot wait to go home and see him. I am just DYING to see him. Unfortunately, I get Friday night, Saturday and most of Sunday to see him before he has to leave (Monday morning… to Alberta) 😦 [Insert teary-eyed sobbing face here]. Anyway, when I got home, I attempted to watch the last half of Lord Of The Rings: TFOTR for the second time and failed. I fell asleep at 9:30 and woke up 12 hours later.

Today I got up and watched my new Buffy DVD (Disc One of the first season… I HAVE to get the second season. I HAVE TO! AH!) and then Aaron and Lori took Victoria and I to Wings for breakfast. I was feeling like shit (I think I’m sick) and I didn’t eat much. I did, however, continue to drink the cokes that the waitress kept putting in front of me when I wasn’t looking and I couldn’t resist them. Ahh! I was thirsty! I’m ALWAYS thirsty! From there we went to the pet store and Aaron bought some Platys and Tiger Barbs to fight back against his vicious Fighting Fish. Three died after half an hour in their new home. Aaron needs to get his water re-treated. There is a PH problem. After, Mom took Victoria and I to the Lucky Horse and we played Crib for about two hours… I kick ASS at Crib. When I got home, I called Steve (and got in big crap over the phone… boohoo… Aaron suddenly decides to round up some beer buddies in the middle of my phone time and then yells at me when I decide to use the phone before 11 because its my last chance to get to use it). I went to bed early last night too, but not before getting into a deep conversation with my Mom. She’s been really depressed ever since she had to serve her divorce papers from (the bastardly fat fucker who shall be shot and not named) and I think this was the first conversation that I’ve ever had with her about me that was personal and serious. I cried. I cried in front of her out of emotion for the first time since I was 6 years old. That was really big for me. For the first time in my life, I’m mentally aware that she is proud of me. She’s proud that I’m happy. I learned a lot about myself from her. She told me that ever since she could remember, all I ever wanted to do was do things for other people, and all I ever wanted in return was their kindness and friendship. She told me that I was always a world of dreams… that I’ve always been a big dreamer and have always gone to the ends of the earth to make those dreams come true. (And this is where I cried): she told me the one thing I always wanted most in the world was to have someone see me… the real me inside. And the great thing is, I think for the first time in my life, someone does. I love you, Steve. I love you so very very much.


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