Day Eleven

11:35 AM
I woke up. Whoa. Light. BEHOLD THE LIGHT! *hiss*

1:00 PM
Went out with Victoria, Mom and Aaron. We went to Wings and this was our order:

Less-Than-Hot Buffalo Wings
Jammin’ Jamaican Wings
Hot ‘N Heavy Honey Garlic Wings
Hot BBQ Ribs

We all shared a plate of fries too. The waitress refilled my coke like 4 or 5 times. Whoa.

2:30 PM
We went to Willow Video. While looking through the Used CD stacks, I found Kelis’ album, Kaleidoscope… which I wanted, but I got Korn’s Life Is Peachy Album and Bif Naked’s I Bificus Album instead. We rented Dragonfly, The Majestic and Resident Evil. We then took a stop off at the Dollar Store. I didn’t get anything. From there we went to Subway to see Lorrie and get a drink. (Lorrie works at Subway).

3:30 PM
We caught a cab home. I hung out and wrote for a few hours. Victoria let me have some of her stickers so I could put them in Steve’s shiny new notebook.

6:19 PM
Steve called. Aaron almost gave him a heart-attach by lying and saying that I was out on a date. If I were to go out on a date with anyone, it would only be Steve. *Stars in my eyes* I’m in LOVE.

9:00 PM
Half an hour into Resident Evil Keisha showed up. Aaron, Lorrie, Victoria, Doug and I went to McDonald’s (yuck) to grab some dinner while Keisha started the movie from the beginning. On the way back, some guy stopped in the intersection and yelled out at me “HEY BABY! I HAVE 13 INCHES!” Yuck and ow! Who would be INSANE enough to think I’d want that. I mean 13 INCHES??!! Only if I wanted someone to give the bottom of my stomach a good rub and tear a hole in my bellybutton simultaneously. I mean… OW! I think HALF that is good enough. (Although I can’t speak from experience.)

12:02 AM
The lickers in Residenty Evil were cool. Apperently the big boss guy won’t show up until Nemesis I think. No… wait… that was a different project. Ah. The ending of RE is the beginning to RE: Nemesis. At the end I was like “Oh yeah!” because the virus escaped into Racoon City. That movie was hella cool.

1:15 AM
Went to bed.



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