Day Ten

10:30 AM
Got up. I only got 5 hours of sleep because I stayed up late watching K-Pax. Awesome movie. I highly recommend it to people who actually recognize a good movie. (Those people are the ones who hated Freddy Got Fingered). We didn’t really do anything today. I stayed in all day because I felt sick and sore. Everyday it just gets worse and worse…

6:09 PM
The phone rang while I was working on Steve’s bright, shiny new notebook. It was him on the phone… coincedence? I think not. People ESP! He felt bad for not staying on the phone with me yesterday when I was crying. Don’t feel bad, baby. I love you, and you did the right thing.

9:00 PM
Mom, Victoria and I dominated the living room and taped The Gift. Brilliant film… I loved the special effects. I feel a great deal of empathy towards Giovanni Ribisi’s character… but Katie Holmes’ character got what she deserved.

12:00 AM
Went to bed.



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