Day Five

11:00 AM
Woke up and went over to Naomi’s to update my LJ. I’m going back later to update for today…

1:40 PM
Got back from Naomi’s and then went for breakfast at Ronnie’s with Dad, Mom, Aaron and Lorrie. There is a lot of tension with Doug. Nobody really trusts him, but how well can you trust a man who is a high-risk repeat-offender who has already broken his parole?

3:10 PM
I got home from Ronnie’s. Doug had volunteered to be the pinata holder at Kisha’s party. He climbed the roof and held it while the kids whacked it with a broomstick. They never really busted him open, but they did knock his head off.

5:32 PM
Mom has ordered me to draw Mendhi art on her feet with an indellible marker (used for overhead transperancies…). I’m going to take a break and head out to Roger’s in a little bit.

6:00 PM
Went out to Roger’s Video with Aaron and Jordan. We walked there, and then I spotted Heartbreakers on DVD. I was choked because they threw out the jackets and gave me a cheapie piece of paper in the cover with the title written on it in a black felt pen. So of course, Aaron bought a Playstation game and about 8 VHS movies, and then we headed out to Willow Video. I considered getting Shallow Hal, but it wasn’t the Special Edition and it was more expensive than Heartbreakers. Aaron bought yet another game there, and then we headed back to Roger’s Video where I bought Heartbreakers and a Vanilla Coke (they don’t carry Pepsi) and Jordan Bought Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me on DVD. His DVD collection is pitiful. (He actually owns Freddy Got Fingered).After that we went to the Beer & Wine Store where Aaron bought a 24 case of Molson Canadian to split with my Dad. He wanted to by Labatt Lite… *snicker* Then we took a taxi home.

11:41 PM
I’m watching a movie on Movie Central: Shadow Lane called The Guilty which was filmed right here in Vancouver in 1999. The bulk of the scenes we recognize are out by the Lion’s Gate Bridge and the Whalley Junkyard… but there were a few in the Vancouver Courthouse that we recognized. It has Devon Sawa and Bill Pullman in it. It was interestingly enough quite a good movie. I enjoyed it… but pointing out film locations kind-of distracted me from the movie itself.

12:00 AM
I just started watching Domestic Disturbance with Doug and Aaron. Doug bought it at Willow Video. Its really a great movie. I like seeing movies where Vince Vaughn plays a bad guy. He is so good and being bad. That and John Travolta with country hair is a must-see.

2:00 AM
Nighty Night! :*



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