Day Four (Three other entries added— Scroll down…)


I was having a good dream when Mom got into the bed and woke me up. Victoria and I fell asleep watching Heartbreakers in her room last night. I had two dreams last night. The first one made me wake up and cry. I dreamt about when I was attacked again. This house, the environment is a little bit taxing on my psyche. The second dream was better though. I dreamt I was laying in bed beside Steve, not talking, just quietly cuddling. He was running his hands through my hair with his eyes closed, and I was laying beside him with my head on his chest.

11:00 AM
Breakfast with Aaron, Lorrie and Victoria at Ronnie’s. I felt slightly guilty because Katrina woke up and we weren’t allowed to bring her with us for breakfast. Its her fault. She got a job and then messed up her finances. She owes money to everybody, and nobody really wants to front money for her because they know she won’t pay them back. When we got there we ate and talked about my Depo-Provera shot and we talked about Doug. Apperently the ways of an ex-con don’t wear out so easy. After he got out of the Penitentiary, he was shipped across country. He’s lying to everyone about why he was in the Pen and he’s already violated the terms of his parole.

3:44 AM
I’m going to get my shot now. Dad’s forgotten where the office is. We had to drop Doug and Katrina off at Surrey Central Station, and then Dad dragged me to Surrey Place. The clinic is in Guildford and thats too far to drive for an injection, so we’re going to King’s Court Medical Center.

4:15 PM
I’m sitting in the Doctor’s clinic right now with the Depo-Provera right on my lap. It looks like water with a fine white powder in it. The ingredients read:
Medroxy Progesterone
Acetate Injectable
Sterile Aqueous Suspension
For Intra-Muscular Use ONLY

Its my two month annicersary today. I can’t wait until after 6:00 so I can call Steve. I might call him later when he’s not so busy. This doctor’s office feels like an episode of the Twilight Zone. ‘The Nanny’ is on the courtesy TV, and everyone in here is watching it. Scary.

5:01 PM
Ahhhhhhhh! I just got my shot… I think I may pass out or barf up my Caffe Mocha and my Lowfat Fudge Brownie. Who knows if the damn shot is going to work. I don’t know if it even made it through my fat and into my ass-muscle. The needle was tiny. It didn’t hurt, but I’m still needle-queasy.

6:00 PM
Took a shower with Victoria. Now I smell reeeeally good.

7:00 PM
Had dinner. Lorrie’s meatloaf and Mom’s awesome whipped potatoes. I have to do dishes after watching ‘The Wedding Planner.’

7:30 PM
Mom’s taping the movie, so we did dishes early.

8:00 PMI’m
calling Steve. Hey, there he is on the phone. Yay! He’s all insistant that I save my moolah for myself, but I want to spend some on him. I love him, I want to out of the goodness that is my heart, and not because I feel obligated to. Thats a shitty reason to do anything. I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH STEVE! I have to call Melissa sometime…

11:45 PM
OOOOOHHH GOOODDDD NOOOOOOOOOO! Doug brought the DVD player upstairs to watch movies, and he got my new DVD jammed in the tray! I can hear it stuck and trying to spin the damn thing and scratching the read side. I think I may slowly and surely murder him and skin his scalp off like a traditional Apache Native.

Download List
1/ The Wedding Planner Soundtrack
2/ Heartbreakers Soundtrack
3/ Legally Blonde Soundtrack
4/ Songs by “Randi Crawford”



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