Day Three

Went down to the garage with Doug and Jordan to chat while Doug smoked a tumor. Dad thought we snuck out of the house. I can’t believe he thought I’d do that. I’m really disappointed in him for not trusting me.

5:00 AM
I can’t think straight. I’m having rediculously huge withdrawals. I need Steve in a dramatically huge way right the hell NOW! I don’t think I ever had a craving this huge in my entire life. Baby, I miss you so damn much. I need Chris to burn me another copy of The Sickness album by Disturbed. Can’t find mine. I’ve been hanging out with Jordan and Douh since 1:15AM. Doug likes to play. If I were anyone else, I’d think he was testing the waters of my pants, but he’s into my sister (of course). Apperently he finds Cayley unusually sexy, and says Travis Thomas is “a crackwhore closet-case.” OH MY GOD, STEVE I AM NEEDING YOU NOW! I AM NOW STEVE- NEEDY!

11:28 AM
Went to Surrey Place with my Dad and Victoria. We got lunch from A&W in the Food Court, which has undergone a major renovation and looks like a set piece from a Nickelodeon TV show. We stopped by the Clinic in the Guildford mall to have my Depo-Provera shot administered, but the shortage has effected their supply, and they don’t have any. That dumbass of a doctor made me give him a urine sample. Why, I will never understand, seeing as urine samples are only used in cases of contraception when the person is already sexually active… which I’m not. It was gross and I never want to do it ever again. I saw a few things in the mall that I wanted to get Steve. I think I’ll get him the Dirty Vegas album. Victoria attempted persistently to piss me off and embarrass me in public. Did it work? No. Possibly. No. Maybe. No.

4:35 PM
Received word that my Mom’s doctor has a secret stash of Depo-Provera. My Mom and Dad have gone to Gateway to pick it up. I’m going to have the shot administered tommorrow. I’m also going shopping soon. The DVD hunt begins shortly. I saw Crossroads in HMV… I want to get it. Be selfless Kassi!

3:24 PM
Going shopping! Dad drove us all to the Superstore, and I took a quick stop off at Cash Converters to buy a DVD, since they’re on sale. I bought Center Stage. The paint on the top is a little bit chipped, since it appears to have been stolen from a library or video rental place and the tag has been ripped off. Afterwards, Victoria and I returned to the Superstore and worked as Cart operators. I taught my sister the simple rules of driving. She is an excellent Cart Operator. Her turns are too wide, and the can’t parallel park very well, but she rocks.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/25/2002.

One Response to “Day Three”

  1. Um….

    Doug who? Is this someone I know? Ack! Tell him I’m spoken for 😉 True enough that Travis is… wow, sounds like you’re having a boring time if you need to be on the comp all the time… cheer up Kassi, you’ll see him soon enough!

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