Day One

Got up, not really wanting to, but feeling the crunch of obligation. I am excited and disappointed all at once, I’m not quite eager to be going to Vancouver without Steve, but what can I do. I put the finishing touches on my bags (adding or subtracting a few packed items…), got dressed and ate a bowl of mixed cereal. Yum.

8:00 AM
Loaded the bags onto the truck and called Steve. He was still asleep, which was slightly amusing, but what can you do? He made a really loud Irish orgasm (muuunnnggh) and talked really quietly. I told him it was goodbye, and that I’d call him when I got to Vancouver, and then I told him to go back to sleep. Did he? Of course not! He couldn’t sleep because the knowledge that I was gone kind-of haunted him into conciousness. I miss him to pieces already.

8:30 AM
Stopped at FarWest to fill the truck up with Natural Gas. FarWest is not far from Steve’s and while we sat there for ten minutes, I had an incurable urge to pull a “Fugitive” an run to his house and steal him away.

11:00 AM
After two and a half hours of staring sullenly out the window, we stopped in Smithers for lunch at Tim Horton’s. I’d miserably scarfed down the remains of a twenty box of double chocolate TimBits on the way, and I was feeling kinda squeamish, but I still had lunch since I wasn’t sure when the next meal stop would be. When we walked inside, I got kind-of upset because the Timmy’s are all constructed the same way, and I tried to picture Terrace out of its windows. I got to play Denis Leary Lock ‘N Load as we fuelled up the tank at FarWest in Smithers… and played until it was done.

1:00 PM
Pit stop in Houston. We hope to be in Prince George around 4:00… we should be right on, we’re on schedule. I’m doing what I can to keep my mind off of Steve, because the thought of the month ahead is on the verge of bringing me to tears. I saw those booktapes on a vendors shelf in the gas station and immediately thought of Barry. Sorry dude.

3:15 PM
Pit stop in Fraser Lake. Oh my Lord, I miss Steve just so damn much. I keep trying to convince myself that it’ll be okay, but everytime I consider looking at his picture, I just want to curl up in a ball and cry. I’m sitting here in the truck writing this with my hair blowing into my eyes, my feet hanging out the window efficaciously and my confidence is suddenly wounded. I wish I had my portable DVD player already so that I could drown out the thoughts. Steve, I love you. If I died to day (it would suck) I would end my life complete just knowing that I loved you. I know how cheesy I sound but I’m in love with him. I’m not needy or dependent, but being away from you is like having someone borrow a limb for a little while.

4:39 PM
Arrived in Prince George. 8 hours since I talked to Steve. There’s a big messy construction site on the way into town that is forcing a diversion of traffic. Dad and I stopped at White Spot for some Quesadilla. Moist is playing on the radio in here. The East-Indian waiter is hitting on me. When he took our order, my Dad was the one talking, and the waiter didn’t even look at him. Ugh. Afterwards we fuelled up again. Left town at 5:30.

7:21 PM
Stopped in Tim Horton’s in Quesnel. I got checked out by a group of middle-aged bikers who all gawked when they saw me with my Dad. There are too many people in this world who are perverted enough to think that I’m his girlfriend. I mean GOD THAT IS SO SICK!

9:10 PM
Got to Williams Lake. Dad and I went for dinner at the White Spot. I like the company that owns that place. A lot of the White Spots are independently owned, and I like the people who own that one. The platters weren’t too big and I enjoyed the food more. After we got a room at the Super 8 Motel, it was room 209. Dad and I watched some TV (Star Trek and First Wave) while I de-shelled the Sunflower Seeds that Dad bought me at the gas station next door.

12:00 AM
Goodnight! Sweet dreams! :*

Download List
1/ Cranberries – Linger
2/ Lenny Kravitz – If I Could Fall In Love
3/ Lit – My Own Worst Enemy


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