I GOT MY “L”!!!!!

Oh my God was I ever nervous about getting it too. I was so sure I was going to fail! I swear to the lord above. Fortunately I studied hard enough, and I passed with 82%. My Novice test is on January 12th.

After that I went to Brandon’s for band practice… which wasn’t really band practice… it was more like an absent-minded jam-session. Steve couldn’t concentrate and he kept going off and making his own riffs… but Tyler was worse… he warps the sound of his guitar with his sound-effects pedal, and you can’t really even hear what he’s playing… and he does it even when he’s not supposed to. That kind-of gets to me… that and Kevin’s amp is almost always up too high, so even during an actual full-band song, you can hear him plunking away on his bass guitar.

I was only there for a little while and then I had to go. It was cool though. I hope my Mom buys a box of those unbelievable new Tim Bits. I have the hugest craving… I’ve been begging for them for days. Ummm…. *sigh* Talked with Steve again about what we’re all doing next year… WE’RE MOVING IN WITH EACH-OTHER! YAYYYY! Well… as far as I know. Its sort-of inconclusive right now… because Chris and Melissa are coming with us to Vancouver and the four of us are renting out a house… I’m already talking to a land-lord down south about reserving a house. Anyway… I am so not allowed to be on the Internet, so I should go.

An awesome font… download it by left-clicking on it: Rebuffed.zip

If I were a wine I would be…

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~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/18/2002.

2 Responses to “YAAAAAAYYYYYYY!”

  1. Neat-o!

    Hey, that’s way cool! You guys will have fun in Van. Is Melissa going to school there too? Enjoy yourself, and don’t be too naughty. 😉

  2. rock on!

    haha! good for you with the L!!! I should have gotten mine like….3 months ago.. I’m afraid or something I dunno, It would come in handy to get my N…

    welp good job!

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